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Editor's Picks

  • Fall Burndown May Be Even More Critical With Early Harvest 

  • Resistant Weed Seed As Livestock Feed? Ask The Australians.

  • Palmer Pigweed: Other Species Weaken As Resistance Builds. Guess What?

  • Palmer Pigweed: The Ultimate Survivor? 

Focus On The Corn Belt

  • North Dakota: Palmer Pigweed Is Here - Now

  • Illinois: Fall-Applied Herbicides: Which Weed Species Should be the Target?

  • Ohio: No Pigweed Left Behind – Late-Season Scouting for Palmer Amaranth, Waterhemp

  • Michigan Weeds: Resistant, Yes or No? Submit Seeds for Screening

  • Iowa: Reducing Weed Seed Movement During Harvest

Focus On The South

  • Arkansas: Ramping Up Australian Weed Seed Destructor Evaluations – Video

  • Tennessee Weeds: Monitor Grass Control Failures from the Combine, Picker

  • Georgia Peanuts: 6 Points To Consider If Grass Control Failed

Taking care of late weed escapes after harvest can signficantly enhance herbicide effectivenss at planting. When to treat? The sooner the better.
Weed seeds may have value as a livestock feed in certain cases, based on results from an Australian demonstration. For Australian farmers who also raise sheep, chaff and weed seeds are "worth a serious amount of money."
Palmer pigweed accmulates resistance as generations progress without any of the fitness penalties that weaken other resistant species. It's as if nothing bad ever happens to it.
Compared to other weeds, Palmer possesses an immense ability to regrow from what seems to be almost nothing. Even worse, it can still generate plenty of viable seed that will bedevil farmers well into the future. 
"Post-harvest herbicide applications have increased in Illinois over the past few seasons. Herbicides applied in the fall often can provide improved control of many winter annual weed species compared with similar applications made in the spring."
Taking the time to remove any Palmer and waterhemp plants from fields in late-season before they produce seed will go a long way toward maintaining the profitability of Ohio farm operations. 
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Panther Pro, the first three-way liquid flumioxazin premix, helps control tough weeds in your soybeans with excellent residual activity, resistance management and liquid convenience.
Hear what soybean growers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Pennsylvania had to say about Panther Pro after on-farm trails with the pre-emergent herbicide in 2017.
Plants are evaluated for resistance two weeks after spraying and a detailed report on all herbicides tested is provided.
Combines are extremely effective at transporting weed seed from field to field, farm to farm and county to county. A few precautions leading up to harvest and during harvest can help manage any escaped problem weeds.

The Australian-developed unit pulverizes an extremely high percentage of weed seeds gathered at harvest, spreading the dust-like debris behind the combine. 
Be on the lookout! In a good part of West Tennessee most soybean and cotton fields have at least some goosegrass and jungle rice (awnless barnyardgrass) present. In southwest Tennessee, a good many fields have serious infestations of both of these grass species.
Don't be too quick to blame resistance, says Eric Prostko, University of Georgia Extension Weed Specialist. Plenty of things can go wrong or unnoticed when grass escapes commonly used grass herbicides
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