Liu On Cotton: Optimism, Yes, But Rebound Will Take Time Dec 8, 2020

🕔Dec 8, 2020
For cotton producers, 2020 has been a whirlwind of uncertainty. The unfolding of the pandemic severely interrupted the global cotton supply chain. To control the spread of the virus, lockdowns […]

Liu on Cotton: Market Forecast Remains Cloudy Jul 15, 2020

🕔Jul 15, 2020
Since the first diagnosis of COVID-19, the spread of the pandemic worldwide has negatively affected global economic growth. According to the latest release by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and […]

Liu on Cotton: Downward Market Pressure Continues May 6, 2020

🕔May 6, 2020
The rapid spread of COVID-19 severely impacted the global cotton supply chain, leading to an unexpected reduction in cotton mill use across all the major cotton spinning countries. That includes […]

Liu On Cotton: Weighing Whether To Take The LDP Mar 29, 2020

🕔Mar 29, 2020
Along with the life-and-death struggle and the rising cases of COVID-19, financial markets worldwide have lurched lower. The selloff of the U.S. stock market started on Feb. 21, 2020. Since […]

Georgia Cotton: Reducing Hurricane Risk with Earlier Harvest – Study Jan 29, 2020

🕔Jan 29, 2020
Georgia’s cotton crop was decimated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Now, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension cotton agronomist Jared Whitaker is hoping his research will help alleviate some of the […]

Cotton Payments, Disaster Assistance, and Safety Net Update Mar 12, 2019

🕔Mar 12, 2019
USDA announced last July that it would act to assist farmers damaged by tariffs and reduced exports. In September, the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) was initiated and the signup began. […]

Georgia: 11 Tweaks, Changes For ARC/PLC, MAL and LDP Dec 27, 2018

🕔Dec 27, 2018
The 2018 Farm Bill continues programs for Title I commodities from the 2014 Farm Bill: the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) program, the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program, and the Marketing […]

Georgia Cotton: Hurricane Michael Impacts on ARC/PLC Decision Nov 12, 2018

🕔Nov 12, 2018
We recently released a factsheet which compares between the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) for this year after Hurricane Michael. We conducted the analysis based on […]

Georgia Cotton: Economists Estimate $600 Mln in Damage from Michael Nov 1, 2018

🕔Nov 1, 2018
University of Georgia agricultural economists believe that Georgia cotton farmers in the path of Hurricane Michael have only begun to feel the impact of the storm that took 90 or […]

Georgia Cotton: Preliminary Damage Estimates Oct 22, 2018

🕔Oct 22, 2018
Hurricane Michael unexpectedly gained power and quickly grew into a Category 4 storm overnight, which made it nearly impossible for Georgia cotton farmers to prepare and respond. Much of Georgia’s […]

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