Tennessee: Reports of Sketchy Pigweed Control with Engenia, XtendiMax Jun 26, 2019

    🕔Jun 26, 2019
    There have been a good number of calls on sketchy Palmer amaranth control with a 12.8 oz/A of Engenia or 22 ozs/A of XtendiMax mixed with a quart/A of Roundup […]

    Georgia: Dicamba – Layby Directed, Hooded Row Middle Applications Approved May 28, 2019

    🕔May 28, 2019
    A state Section 24(c) Special Local Need Label has been approved by the U.S. EPA and Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) allowing directed and hooded applications for Engenia, FeXapan, and […]

    Soybean Weed Control: New Premix of Dicamba and S-Metolachlor Apr 29, 2019

    🕔Apr 29, 2019
    This month EPA approved a new dicamba-based herbicide that can be used in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean (dicamba/glyphosate-resistant soybean), which came to the market in the 2017 growing season. […]

    Arkansas: Dicamba – It’s Past April 15, Which Formulation Can I Spray? Apr 17, 2019

    🕔Apr 17, 2019
    I have fielded several questions over the last week about dicamba regulations and what the rules “mean” and what can be sprayed etc.  Most questions revolve around what is “legal […]

    Nebraska: Record Keeping: Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizer Applications Apr 16, 2019

    🕔Apr 16, 2019
    A recordkeeping form for private pesticide applicators in Nebraska is available for free online. This form fits neatly on one page, includes all required parts of an RUP record, and […]

    Missouri: Dicamba – 5 Things We’ve Learned — At Least So Far Apr 9, 2019

    🕔Apr 9, 2019
    As we prepare for another year with the Xtend soybean and cotton system, we thought it would help to briefly summarize some of the most important things we’ve learned about […]

    Illinois Soybeans: Dicamba – 5 State Specific Restrictions Mar 4, 2019

    🕔Mar 4, 2019
    The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) announced today it will require Special Local Needs labels, including new restrictions, for the use of the herbicide dicamba on soybeans in Illinois for […]

    Texas: Need Auxin Herbicide Training? 2-Hour Programs Offered Around the State. Feb 6, 2019

    🕔Feb 6, 2019
    As temperatures rise and thoughts turn to spring planting, many producers will need to update their training if they are planting dicamba-tolerant cotton and soybeans, according to a Texas A&M […]

    Virginia: Don’t Forget Required Dicamba Training Feb 1, 2019

    🕔Feb 1, 2019
    If you intend to apply Engenia, Xtendimax, or FeXapan this year, you need to complete the annual dicamba specific training requirement in addition to being a certified pesticide applicator. In […]

    Georgia: Using Pesticides Wisely – Recertification Jan 29, 2019

    🕔Jan 29, 2019
    By now most of you know that we have to be trained once again to use the new Auxin Technology. The reason for the training is to update producers on […]


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