Kansas Wheat: Yields are Up but so is Field Abandonment – DTN

🕔May 3, 2019Crop scouts produced an average estimated yield of 47.6 bushels per acre (bpa), up from 35.2 bpa last year, on the second day of the Wheat Quality Council’s Hard Red […]

HRW Wheat: Wet, Cold Tour Predicts Good Yield Potential

🕔May 2, 2019This week, two U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) colleagues and I joined the Wheat Quality Council (WQC) on its 62nd annual “Hard Winter Wheat” Tour for an early survey of the […]

Midwest Wheat Tour: Crop Behind, Fewer Acres – DTN

🕔May 2, 2019The first day of the Wheat Quality Council’s Hard Red Winter (HRW) Wheat Tour wrapped up with a total weighted average yield estimate of 46.9 bushels per acre (bpa), up […]

Texas: Panhandle Wheat Tour, Bushland, May 22

🕔Apr 29, 2019Texas A&M AgriLife is trying something different in the Panhandle this year; it will take the semi-annual wheat field day on the road May 22, organizers said. The free event […]

Wheat Tour: Two Decades of Measuring Yield Potential, Disease, Freeze Damage – DTN

🕔Apr 26, 2019It’s become one of surest signs that spring is underway — for three days, dozens of people crouch in Kansas wheat fields, in rain or shine, with a ruler and […]

Texas: Wheat Tour, Millersview, May 2

🕔Apr 26, 2019The Millersview Annual Wheat Tour will be held May 2 at the Millersview Gym at 12199 County Road 6009. The event is being presented by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension […]

Spring Wheat Tour Kicks Off in North Dakota – Day 1 – DTN

🕔Jul 26, 2018The Wheat Quality Council’s Hard Spring Wheat and Durum Tour kicked off Tuesday with scouts fanning out across the southern half of North Dakota, southwestern Minnesota and northeast and north-central […]

Wheat Tour Scouts Expect Sharply Lower 2018/19 Production

🕔May 3, 2018This week I joined the annual Wheat Quality Council (WQC) Hard Red Wheat (HRW) Tour for an early survey of the new crop. Each year, participants gather in Manhattan, Kan., […]

Wheat: North Dakota Drought Increases Abandoned Fields, Low Yields – DTN

🕔Jul 28, 2017The effects of North Dakota’s extreme drought conditions remained visible as the Hard Spring Wheat and Durum Tour ventured through central, north-central and northwest regions of the state Wednesday. Crop […]

Wheat Tour: No Rain, No Yield – DTN

🕔Jul 26, 2017When crop scouts hit the road next week for the Wheat Quality Council’s annual Hard Spring Wheat and Durum Tour, they’ll take plenty of water, said tour organizer and council […]

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