South Dakota Wheat: Managing Residue to Prevent a Green Bridge Aug 4, 2017

🕔Aug 4, 2017
Many wheat fields in South Dakota were cut for hay this year due to drought conditions and the need for hay. In some fields where moisture was adequate or rainfall […]

Wheat Streak Virus Yield Losses Create Tension Among Neighbors – DTN Aug 3, 2017

🕔Aug 3, 2017
Great Plains wheat growers got a painful refresher course on the importance of the Golden Rule this year — and neighborly responsibility. Kent Eddy was forced to abandon nearly 20% […]

Nebraska Wheat: Protecting 2018 Yields – It’s Critical to Control Volunteer Wheat Jul 19, 2017

🕔Jul 19, 2017
In the Nebraska Panhandle, major losses were caused by wheat streak mosaic virus this year. One wheat grower said his winter wheat yields averaged 8-22 bushels/acre. His test weight averaged […]

Winter Wheat: More Fields Abandoned Due to Wheat Streak Mosaic Infection – DTN Jun 26, 2017

🕔Jun 26, 2017
The winter wheat harvest will be a lot shorter than usual this year for Kent Eddy. The western Kansas farmer estimates he will only harvest 60% of his wheat crop […]

Kansas Wheat: Researchers Identify New Gene to Resist Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Jun 8, 2017

🕔Jun 8, 2017
Kansas State University researchers have identified a gene that will provide resistance to the wheat streak mosaic virus, a disease that is currently causing economic losses in Kansas fields. Bernd […]

Oklahoma Wheat: Leaf Rust Still Active in Panhandle; Reports of Head Darkening May 29, 2017

🕔May 29, 2017
This past week I traveled and looked at wheat in north-central/northwestern OK at Alva and Cherokee, as well as wheat in the panhandle.  I also looked at wheat here around […]

Oklahoma Wheat: Crop Ranges from Full Kernel to Medium Dough, Rust Still Active May 15, 2017

🕔May 15, 2017
This past week and today, I traveled and looked at wheat in central OK near Kingfisher (35 miles northwest of OKC) and near El Reno (20 miles west of OKC) […]

Texas: Wheat Field Day, Bushland, May 17 May 8, 2017

🕔May 8, 2017
During the May 17 Wheat Field Day, Texas A&M AgriLife Research will highlight a “real-life” research study that will provide a firsthand look at what happens when volunteer wheat is […]

Oklahoma Wheat: Timely Fungicide Applications Make a Difference May 8, 2017

🕔May 8, 2017
Nearly all of the wheat I saw this past week was along a line for about 100 miles west of Stillwater. Wheat around Stillwater is at the milk to soft dough […]

Kansas Wheat Tour: Not Good – Freezing Temps, Snow, Viral Disease – DTN May 5, 2017

🕔May 5, 2017
There’s a saying in Kansas that wheat has nine lives. Last weekend’s blizzard-like conditions used up a couple of those lives in certain parts of the state. The question now […]

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