Cotton, Corn, Soybeans: DAS Weed Control System Adds New Enlist One Herbicide

🕔Sep 13, 2017Farmers growing Enlist crops will have an additional option for weed control in 2018. Today (9/13/2017), Dow AgroSciences launched Enlist One herbicide, a straight-goods 2,4-D choline product featuring Colex-D technology.  […]

North Dakota Farmer Successfully Manages Heavy Clay Soils with Cover Crops, No-Till – DTN

🕔Mar 21, 2017Some farmers may curse heavy clay soils, but the Toussaint family is finding a way to manage these tough soils using roots instead of iron. Cereal rye as a cover […]

Virginia Cotton: Burndown Time is Closer Than it Appears

🕔Feb 17, 2017After 80 degrees on Sunday it made me realize we are closer to the beginning of burndown than I thought.  Some early treatments could have already begun.  There is quite […]

Herbicide Resistance: Farmers Talk – Weed Scientists Listen – DTN

🕔Jan 19, 2017The group of farmers, ag retailers, crop consultants, company reps and scientists that met Wednesday in southeastern Pennsylvania represent a special slice of agriculture. They spoke of the benefit of […]

Atrazine Phase Out: What are the Alternatives for Sweet Corn?

corn yield
🕔Jul 15, 2016Atrazine, one of the oldest and most commonly used herbicides in sweet corn, is being phased out in some production areas, leaving growers searching for alternatives. Research conducted in Illinois, […]

Pennsylvania: What’s New for 2016 Weed Control

🕔Feb 3, 2016The annual summary of what is “new” in the complex world of herbicide selection is available now from Penn State Extension Weed Science specialists. Product/Label Updates Acuron 3.44CS (bicyclopyrone + […]

South Carolina Cotton: Weed Control Meeting, Santee, Dec. 15

🕔Dec 14, 2015Cotton farmers considering their weed-control options for next year’s crop are invited to a Clemson Extension Service meeting on Dicamba and 2,4-D cotton cropping systems Tuesday. Industry speakers from DOW […]

Georgia Wheat: Herbicides for Broadleaf Weed Control

🕔Dec 4, 2015Wild radish are the number one problem weed in small grains in our area. 2,4-D is the cheapest herbicide to use, but often waiting until the small grain is fully tillered […]

Ohio Cover Crops: Managing Marestail with Fall Herbicide Treatments

🕔Nov 11, 2015There is still time to apply herbicides yet this fall.  The frosts that are starting to occur have little effect on the weeds of concern – marestail, purple deadnettle, chickweed, […]

North Carolina: Online Tool Helps with Weed Control Decisions

🕔Oct 27, 2015Proper weed control often involves more than simply herbicide choice. The size of the dominant weeds, diversity of weeds present, soil moisture, air temperature, minimum concentration of the product within […]

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