NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – June, July, Aug. May 22, 2020

🕔May 22, 2020
As the dry season starts in late May and June for the western contiguous U.S. and based on precipitation and temperature forecasts and outlooks at most time ranges, the most […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – May May 1, 2020

🕔May 1, 2020
With the rainy season coming to a close across the western contiguous U.S., pre-existing drought areas are most likely to persist during May. The north-central CONUS has been trending drier […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – May, June, July Apr 17, 2020

🕔Apr 17, 2020
As the rainy season draws to a close for the western contiguous U.S., the most likely outcome is for current drought to persist. There is also the potential for new […]

Iowa: Spring Weather Outlook, Potential Crop Impacts Apr 8, 2020

🕔Apr 8, 2020
Spring has sprung! Preparations for planting across the state are in full swing. Conditions over the last 30 days have been unseasonably warm across the Midwest with positive departures of […]

Weather: Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted Apr 7, 2020

🕔Apr 7, 2020
Colorado State University hurricane researchers are predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season in 2020, citing the likely absence of El Niño as a primary factor. Tropical and subtropical Atlantic sea surface […]

NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – April Apr 3, 2020

🕔Apr 3, 2020
There have not been significant changes to the incipient drought situation since the release of the April – June seasonal drought outlook. Recent forecasts for the western U.S. have changed […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – April, May, June Mar 20, 2020

🕔Mar 20, 2020
As predicted in the previous seasonal drought outlook, drought conditions expanded across much of the West Coast states as subnormal precipitation during the wet season resulted in drying soils, below-average […]

Ohio Weather: Another Wetter-Than-Average Spring Expected Mar 5, 2020

🕔Mar 5, 2020
Farmers anxiously awaiting spring rain forecasts might want to take several deep breaths and keep their rubber boots ready. Above-average spring rainfall is expected in March, April, and May—which is […]

NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – March Mar 3, 2020

🕔Mar 3, 2020
Overall, the West saw an increase in drought coverage for the month of February as the rainy season never picked up. Persistence and expansion are favored for March over much […]

NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – March, April, May Feb 20, 2020

🕔Feb 20, 2020
Drought will likely persist in the Pacific Northwest, with additional drought expected to develop in Oregon and eastern Washington in association with below-normal precipitation favored during the March-April-May (MAM) period. […]

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