Mississippi Corn: Irrigation – When Can I Turn It Off?

🕔Jul 16, 2018Much of our March-planted corn crop has now dented and kernels are filling size and weight. Thus, crop management is still critical, since brutally hot temperatures will certainly stress your […]

Michigan Corn: Water Needs Peak in July

🕔Jul 12, 2018Irrigated corn has its highest water use and realizes its greatest potential benefit from irrigation during the week of tasseling and the following three weeks. Most irrigation scheduling programs have […]

Michigan Soybeans: Irrigation at R-3 Has Greatest Yield Impact

🕔Jul 12, 2018Efficient soybean irrigation is based heavily on growth stage. Reproductive stage R-3 is the dividing line between minimal application to just keep crop growth moving forward compared to ample water […]

Texas: Center Pivot Irrigation Field Day, Bushland, Aug. 9

🕔Jul 11, 2018A Summer Crops/OAP Center Pivot Irrigation Field Day will be hosted by Texas A&M AgriLife and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service Aug. 9 at the Conservation and Production […]

Mississippi Cotton: Managing Irrigation Going into Bloom

🕔Jul 10, 2018In simplistic terms, cotton growth stage and soil moisture status drive our irrigation decisions. One of these – cotton growth stage – is pretty straightforward. Our recommendation is to ensure […]

Arkansas Rice Field Day, Stuttgart, Aug. 3

🕔Jul 9, 2018The Arkansas Rice Field Day is back Aug. 3 at the Rice Research and Extension Center and this year’s event features a pair of two-hour field tours that will cover the spectrum […]

Mississippi Corn: Irrigation Scheduling as Moisture Needs Increase – Podcast

🕔Jun 22, 2018Dr. Erick Larson, Extension grain crop specialist, discusses corn moisture needs, irrigation scheduling and field scouting during the critical early reproductive stages. Recorded June 21.

California Almonds: Deficit Irrigation – Making the Most of Your Water

🕔Jun 19, 2018Mild water stress that occurs at the onset of hull-split has been shown to increase the uniformity (or ‘evenness’) of hull-split. Sometimes, especially in fine textured soils with high water […]

California: Almond Irrigation Improvement Continuum – Maximize Your Water Efficiency

🕔Jun 15, 2018With hullsplit on the horizon and water use efficiency being an ever-present necessity, growers can look to updates in the Almond Irrigation Improvement Continuum for help on managing their water […]

California Almonds: Irrigation Management for Hull Rot Control

🕔Jun 15, 2018Hull rot can be a heartbreaker, appearing suddenly at harvest in orchards where growers and PCAs are trying to “do everything right”. Hitting young, vigorous orchards especially hard, it reduces […]

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