Trade Aid: New Direction in Public Ag Policy? Nov 22, 2019

    🕔Nov 22, 2019
    On November 15, USDA announced issuance of the second tranche of Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments for 2019. As of November 18, 2019, USDA reports that MFP 2019 has paid […]

    Trade Talks Continue, China Buys Some U.S. Farm Products Nov 19, 2019

    🕔Nov 19, 2019
    Phase One Talks Continue, Amid Chinese Purchases of U.S. Farm Products Last week, Financial Times writer James Politi reported that, “President Donald Trump threatened a new escalation of the trade war with […]

    Trade Aid: Democrats Charge USDA of “Picking Winners and Losers” – DTN Nov 15, 2019

    🕔Nov 15, 2019
    A group of Senate Democrats released a report Tuesday on the Trump administration’s agricultural trade aid program, charging USDA “is picking winners and losers in their attempt to aid farmers […]

    Trade Aid: 2nd Round of 2019 Payments Approved Nov 8, 2019

    🕔Nov 8, 2019
    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced Thursday afternoon that the White House has approved the second round of 2019 Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments. This decision comes shortly after […]

    Ohio Farm Income Expected To Rise – Due To Fed Payments Oct 23, 2019

    🕔Oct 23, 2019
    Even during a growing season when 1.5 million fewer acres of soybeans and corn were planted in Ohio, average farm incomes in the state are likely to increase compared to […]

    Trade Aid: Hindsight and Future Policy Sep 26, 2019

    🕔Sep 26, 2019
    This article examines payments by the 2018 Market Facilitation Program (MFP) in the context of its objective to compensate US farms for tariff-related losses.  Potential implications for future farm safety […]

    Trade Aid – Could We Have Done Better? – Commentary Sep 24, 2019

    🕔Sep 24, 2019
    Recently President Trump announced a second round of trade mitigation payments bringing the 2-year total to $28 billion. In response to that announcement we have been asked, “Could we have […]

    Trade Aid: Politics Over MFP Funds? – DTN Sep 18, 2019

    🕔Sep 18, 2019
    Top Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee are pushing back on plans by other House Democrats to potentially block or delay more Market Facilitation Program payments to farmers. The Commodity […]

    Farm Show: “We still need trade, not aid. – DTN Aug 28, 2019

    🕔Aug 28, 2019
    While farmers admire the latest agriculture machinery this week, leaders of national commodity groups at the Farm Progress Show are talking about demand and looking for the upside in pending […]

    Trade Damage Estimate: How Did USDA Get Its Numbers? Aug 23, 2019

    🕔Aug 23, 2019
    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced that the USDA Office of the Chief Economist has published a detailed accounting of how estimated damage from trade disruptions was calculated […]


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