Drone Images Detect 2 Tomato Diseases with 99% Accuracy Jan 14, 2020

🕔Jan 14, 2020
New technology being developed by University of Florida scientists identifies two dangerous tomato diseases with 99 percent accuracy. This finding is critical because diseases can cost growers millions of dollars […]

California Tomatoes: Beet Curly Top Update – Some “Positives,” Weather Delays Apr 15, 2019

🕔Apr 15, 2019
The Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program (BCTVCP) began treatment on April 10 in the Kettleman Hills area. Field conditions became too windy, so crews headed north to the Big […]

California Tomatoes: Beet Leafhoppers Building In Parts Of Western SJV Apr 10, 2018

🕔Apr 10, 2018
The Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program (BCTVCP) would like to notify growers and industry of high counts of Beet leafhopper (BLH) in specific areas on the west side. Fresno […]

Ag Trade: NAFTA Renegotiation Talks Extended – U.S. Dairy Proposal Rejected Oct 18, 2017

🕔Oct 18, 2017
Background Ana Swanson reported on Tuesday at The New York Times Online that, “Until Tuesday, the North American Free Trade Agreement looked like it might be headed for a quick […]

Farming in Cuba: Stuck in the Past with a Hopeful Eye on the Future – DTN Nov 30, 2016

🕔Nov 30, 2016
Fidel Castro’s death Nov. 25 set off a round of speculation about Cuba’s future, which could have implications for American farmers eager to trade with the island country.   Fidel’s […]

California Tomatoes: Cutting Nitrogen, Water Use Without Hurting Quality, Yields Nov 3, 2016

🕔Nov 3, 2016
How do you cut your water use by a third, cut your nitrogen use in half, maintain your tomato yield and improve your fruit quality?  “With patience, perseverance and by […]

Dicamba Illegal Use: Feds Search Missouri Locations; Tenn. and Ark. Investigations – DTN Oct 25, 2016

🕔Oct 25, 2016
The drama over possible illegal use of dicamba continues. The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that it executed federal search warrants at several southeastern Missouri locations as part of an […]

California Tomatoes: Egyptian Broomrape – Noxious Weed – Detected Sep 19, 2016

🕔Sep 19, 2016
The Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program (BCTVCP) has alerted growers and industry of the detection of Egyptian Broomrape (Orobanche aegyptiaca) in a processing tomato field in Solano County. The […]

California Tomatoes: Pursuing Increased Yield, Disease Resistance and Of Course – Flavor Jul 19, 2016

🕔Jul 19, 2016
Two UC Cooperative Extension advisors are conducting field research to determine whether grafting tasty tomato plants onto high-performing root stock will increase yield and disease resistance while improving tomato flavor, […]

California: Tomato Planting Has Begun But No Cotton Yet – USDA Apr 5, 2016

🕔Apr 5, 2016
WEATHER Rainfall was sparse during the week with most totals below a quarter of an inch. Monday through Wednesday saw scattered rain showers across portions of the State with scattered […]

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