Tobacco: Hot Start to Harvest Season Jun 15, 2022

🕔Jun 15, 2022
Despite some dry periods in May and a very hot June, the tobacco looks very good in Georgia and Florida.

Tobacco: Good Start in Eastern N.C. Bodes Well for U.S. Crop Jun 4, 2022

🕔Jun 4, 2022
The flue-cured crop in the N.C. Eastern Belt is, to Matthew Vann’s eyes, as good at this point in the season as it has been in all his years in North Carolina.

Tobacco: A Good Start in the Field May 18, 2022

🕔May 18, 2022
The outlook for tobacco in Georgia and Florida is favorable, with much of the crop approaching layby.

Tobacco: Burley Planting Gets Started May 9, 2022

🕔May 9, 2022
Transplanting has only just begun but if the weather holds, more farmers may start this week in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Tobacco Transplanting Well Underway Apr 20, 2022

🕔Apr 20, 2022
Planting in Florida and Georgia  is progressing well, while about 25 percent of the South Carolina crop will probably have been set out by Saturday.

Tobacco: How to Cut the High Cost of Production in 2022 Apr 7, 2022

🕔Apr 7, 2022
Is it possible that a farmer could grow an average crop of tobacco and sell it for the average prices and still not make back the money he spend on inputs […]

Tobacco: Transplanting to Begin Next Week Mar 25, 2022

🕔Mar 25, 2022
There’s been a lot of rain in much of south Georgia in the past week, but dry weather is expected next week, and Georgia Extension tobacco specialist J. Michel Moore […]

Tobacco: When Will This Crop Be Transplanted? Mar 21, 2022

🕔Mar 21, 2022
Seeding has begun in the Deep South and Florida growers will begin transplanting around March 20. But most Georgians won’t plant till the first week of April or later in order to […]

Tobacco: Leaf Growers Attend Farm Show Looking for Deals Feb 24, 2022

🕔Feb 24, 2022
The weather wasn’t always propitious, and the threat of Covid was still around, but exhibitors at the Southern Farm Show on February 2-4 generally found a satisfactory audience.

Tobacco: How to Minimize Carryover Disease in Greenhouse Trays Jan 21, 2022

🕔Jan 21, 2022
The surest way to reduce the risk of diseases carried over in trays is to purchase new trays each season. Previously used trays, which may be contaminated with pathogens, should […]

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