Alabama: Soybean Loopers on the Rise in Late-Planted Fields Aug 28, 2018

🕔Aug 28, 2018
August 26, 2018: So far numbers of acres treated for soybean loopers (SBL’s) are less than normal in Alabama but the recent statewide increase in SBL moth trap catch numbers and […]

Alabama Soybeans: Scout Closely for Stink Bugs in August Aug 8, 2018

🕔Aug 8, 2018
August is the month when Alabama soybean producers typically make the most foliar applications of insecticides to soybeans. The primary targets of these applications are stink bugs (SB’s) and caterpillars. […]

Alabama Cotton: Plant Bug Management – Bollworm Problems Jun 19, 2018

🕔Jun 19, 2018
A few fields of Tennessee Valley cotton were planted the week of April 23. These fields began squaring during the week of June 4 and tarnished plant bugs (TPB) were […]

Alabama: Dr. Ron Smith Receives Cotton Award Jan 25, 2018

🕔Jan 25, 2018
Dr. Ron Smith, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologist, was recognized at the 2018 Beltwide Cotton Conference for his outstanding contributions to the cotton industry through integrated pest management (IPM). Awarded since […]

Alabama: Scout Late-Soybeans for Loopers, Whiteflies a Threat to Cotton Aug 30, 2017

🕔Aug 30, 2017
During the 3rd week of August cotton bollworm (CBW) moth trap catch numbers increased significantly over the previous week in Baldwin and Escambia Counties and declined in Autauga and Limestone […]

Alabama Cotton, Soybeans: Moth Numbers Still on the Rise, Scouting Fields Important Before Spraying Aug 11, 2017

🕔Aug 11, 2017
Cotton bollworm (CBW) moth trap catches increased from the last week of July to the first week of August at the 4 sites available for comparison. However, CBW trap catches […]

Alabama Soybeans: Be on the Lookout for Redbanded Stink Bugs Jul 21, 2017

🕔Jul 21, 2017
Alabama row crop producers have faced different challenges this year than they did last year. Now, in addition to late rainfall and increased native pest pressures, Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologists […]

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