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      Alabama Cotton: Thinking About Thrips in 2022 Mar 22, 2022

      🕔Mar 22, 2022
      One insect that we can plan on being a consistent threat every year is thrips. This pest will infest 100% of the cotton planted in Alabama every year. What we […]

      Alabama Cotton: What Did We Learn About Insect Management in 2021? Mar 8, 2022

      🕔Mar 8, 2022
      Several cotton insects presented unique or unusual infestation patterns in 2021. The following is a discussion of insects as they occurred during the season and what we may want to […]

      Alabama Peanuts: What to Know About Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Aug 20, 2021

      🕔Aug 20, 2021
      Tomato spotted wilt (TSW), caused by tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV; Family Bunyaviridae; Genus Tospovirus), is an important disease of field, vegetable, and ornamental crops grown in temperate and subtropical regions worldwide. TSWV has […]

      Texas Plains Cotton: Be on Lookout for Fleahoppers Jul 7, 2021

      🕔Jul 7, 2021
      General Status It has been a wet, cool week and no one is complaining about the moisture, a few hailed on strips aside. Rainfall amounts are highly variable. By my […]

      Texas LRGV: Sorghum Harvest Underway, Few Pests in Cotton Jul 7, 2021

      🕔Jul 7, 2021
      General Situation Growers have been harvesting grain sorghum again this week working around the rain showers and I have heard reports of good yields in both dryland and irrigated sorghum […]

      Texas Plains Cotton: Thrips Still a Problem in Later Fields, Be on Watch for Plant Bugs Jun 29, 2021

      🕔Jun 29, 2021
      General It was a hot, dry, week with high winds that hampered the last of our ‘catching up’ herbicide sprays, assuming our producers could find product to spray. The rollercoaster […]

      Mississippi Cotton: Impact of Effective Thrips Management. Jun 26, 2021

      🕔Jun 26, 2021
      Not much has changed in regard to foliar thrips management in cotton. There are still limited options which include acephate, Bidrin, Dimethoate, Intrepid Edge, and Radiant.  These products provide various […]

      Texas Plains: Checking if Fields Survived the Weather, Not Many Pests Yet Jun 15, 2021

      🕔Jun 15, 2021
      General Status This week our producers and associated industries are trying to see just how much we can do at the same time with the least amount of sleep. We […]

      Texas Plains: Lots of Weather Problems, Few Complaints About Rain Jun 9, 2021

      🕔Jun 9, 2021
      General Status Fields are just starting to dry out. Hopefully for not too long, but at least long enough to get our crops evaluated, decisions made, and field work accomplished. […]

      Texas Blacklands: Cool, Wet Conditions Delay Wheat Harvest, Cause Problems in Corn, Cotton Jun 1, 2021

      🕔Jun 1, 2021
      GENERAL Cool and wet weather remains in the forecast. This rainy spell has delayed harvest, caused disease concerns in corn, and slowed down cotton growth and development. There were some […]

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