Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Fleahoppers, Spider Mites Picking Up

🕔May 14, 2018This week the fleahopper populations started picking up quite a bit in some of the squaring fields in Wharton county. Even in cotton with three true leaves I was picking […]

Texas Cotton: Problems with Thrips, Fleahoppers

🕔May 7, 2018The dry weather lately has allowed thrips populations to thrive, and I’ve seen a fair number of them in the field. Later planted and replanted cotton is still vulnerable to […]

Georgia Cotton: What’s Your Risk for Thrips?

🕔May 1, 2018Thrips are consistent pests of cotton each year and nearly 100 percent of the acres planted will be infested.  For this reason preventive insecticides are used at planting.  The preventive […]

Texas Cotton: Scouting for Thrips and Aphids

🕔May 1, 2018I am currently keeping an eye out for thrips. This is a small (about 1/15″) light tan or straw colored insect with a punch and suck type mouthpart and asymmetrical […]

Georgia Peanuts: Thrips Are on the Rise

🕔Apr 26, 2018Peanuts are being planted, and tobacco thrips are moving in Georgia. Trap captures increased significantly at four of our six monitoring locations last week. This means that peanuts emerging over […]

Mississippi Cotton: Managing Thrips in 2018

🕔Apr 25, 2018Over the years many have questioned whether the use of a seed treatment is considered IPM because they are used prior to the onset of a problem. In our area, […]

Texas Cotton: Managing Early Season Pests

🕔Apr 25, 2018Cotton in the field is as old as 3-4 leaf stage. This year’s crop has already been through a lot of turmoil from high winds and blowing sand to cold […]

Texas Cotton: Wind Damage, Thrips Causing Trouble on Upper Coast

🕔Apr 23, 2018We have experienced entirely too much wind lately, and I’ve seen varied degrees of stressed cotton in all three of my counties. The wind damage along with the cooler temperatures […]

Georgia Peanuts: Thrips – The 1st Pest of the Season

🕔Apr 18, 2018Below are a few words from Mark Abney, UGA Peanut Entomologist, about managing thrips in peanut. As usual, thrips management will be the first insect issue peanut growers face in […]

Sawyer On Crops: Thrips Showing Early, Caution Warranted In Peanuts – Podcast

🕔Apr 6, 2018Thrips already are turning up in noticeable numbers in other legume crops, so peanut growers should tread cautiously when planting peanuts, says Andrew Sawyer in this installment of his South […]



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