Arkansas: Keep an Eye Open for These Insect Pests Jun 21, 2019

🕔Jun 21, 2019Soybean A few people have called this past week about finding 4 or 5 small corn earworms per 25 sweeps in blooming soybeans. In this situation the corn earworm virus […]

Mississippi Soybeans: Bean Leaf Beetle and Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper – Podcast Aug 28, 2018

🕔Aug 28, 2018Dr. Bobby Golden, Extension rice and soil fertility agronomist, hosts MSU entomologists Dr. Angus Catchot, Dr. Don Cook and Dr. Jeff Gore to talk bean leaf beetles and threecornered alfalfa […]

Louisiana Soybeans: Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper Threshold Aug 10, 2018

🕔Aug 10, 2018Over the past week, I have received a number of phone calls pertaining to what economic threshold should be used for Threecornered Alfalfa Hoppers in soybean. Based on previous work, […]

Alabama Peanuts: Decline in Moth Activity, Watch for Three-Cornered Alfalfa Hoppers Jul 28, 2017

🕔Jul 28, 2017This report is based on sticky wing pheromone trap catches from 16 locations and direct crop scouting, along with information from producer calls. The overall population trends (see charts at […]

Managing Weeds Now Could Lower Pest Pressure In 2016 Oct 23, 2015

🕔Oct 23, 2015Fall burndown herbicide treatment doesn’t just control winter annual weeds but also eliminates a key food source for overwintering bugs.

Georgia Peanuts: Plenty of Insects but Infestation Levels Vary Aug 20, 2015

🕔Aug 20, 2015There are plenty of insects in Georgia peanut fields this week, but infestation levels vary significantly from field to field. The most common worm pests I am seeing continue to […]

Georgia Peanuts: 10 Common Insect Questions Answered Jul 15, 2015

🕔Jul 15, 2015Q1. Lesser Cornstalk Borer (LCB) took me to the cleaners last year. What do I spray this year, what rate and how often? Do you have any LCB now? If […]

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