Texas Ag Law: Do Landowners Have Right to Protest Proposed Water Project?

🕔Mar 7, 2018An interesting legal question has arisen in Bastrop County recently that could have impacts on groundwater law and landowner rights across Texas.   Background In 2013, Recharge Water (formerly End Op) […]

Farm Business: Words Matter When Drafting a Will – Texas Ag Law

🕔Feb 19, 2018Larry Neal executed a will in 2009 naming his brother, Gary, as executor of his estate and making various bequeaths of his assets.  The will included the following provisions: Article II  […]

Texas Ag Law: Fannin County – Closed Range or Open Range?

🕔Oct 2, 2017Fannin County residents have had an ongoing disagreement about whether the county is closed range or open range.  The District Attorney, Richard Glaser, sought an opinion from Texas Attorney General […]

Clean Water Act Still Alive – California Farmer Settles Lawsuit with Corps of Engineers

🕔Aug 18, 2017This week, it was announced that the parties have reached a settlement agreement in the Duarte Nursery v. Army Corps of Engineers.  This case has been a high-profile concern for landowners and […]



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