Arkansas Rice: Planting Nearly Finished; Nitrogen Management Considerations

🕔May 29, 2017Crop Progress The end is near – of most planting anyway.  Though I believe some have felt that way throughout the entire month of May.  One field is still submerged […]

California Rice: Dimilin for Tadpole Shrimp Control

🕔May 19, 2017A FIFRA Section 2(ee) Recommendation has been issued for control of tadpole shrimp (TPS) using Dimilin 2L. The recommendation states to use Dimilin two to 10 days after the field […]

California Rice: Tadpole Shrimp Worsen, Probably Tied To Other Factors

🕔Feb 27, 2017During our Jan 2017 winter meetings, I conducted a short clicker survey about how bad tadpole shrimp (TPS) has become in the past few years. There were a couple of […]

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