Sugar: NAFTA Renegotiation and Issues Related to Sweetener Trade

🕔Feb 8, 2018The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was essentially a transition phase to free trade through the reduction of trade barriers among the U.S., Mexico and Canada during the 1994-2008 […]

Minnesota: New Research Shows Increased Yield with Liming Treatments

🕔Jan 30, 2018When needed, liming materials can be major beneficial inputs for crop production in Minnesota. When soils are acid, lime will neutralize the soil to the ideal pH. pH can affect […]

Genetically Modified Crops: 28 Countries, 18 Mln Farmers, 10 Species

🕔Dec 14, 2017Genetically modified crops were planted on a record 457.4 million acres globally in 2016, up 3 percent from the 444 million acres planted in 2015, according to statistics released by […]

U.S. Sugar Industry Not Sweet on Mexican Trade Deal – DTN

🕔Jun 8, 2017The Commerce Department’s announcement of details of an “agreement in principle” to settle the U.S.-Mexican sugar dispute on Tuesday drew a mixed reaction from U.S. agriculture and sweetener industry groups. […]

Commodity Crops: Report Gauges Ag Sustainability Metrics – DTN

🕔Dec 12, 2016On-farm sustainability metrics have improved in a lot of areas going back to the 1980s, but also may have plateaued. With agricultural sustainability becoming a growing industry focus, the group […]

Neonics Underfire: Think You Need Them? Minn. Dept. of Ag Wants Farmers to Prove It

🕔Aug 30, 2016Concerns over the role neonicotinoids may play in pollinator health issues have prompted the governor of Minnesota and the state’s Department of Agriculture (MDA) to propose sweeping restrictions to neonicotinoid […]

Nebraska Sugar Beets: Harvest Begins in the Panhandle

🕔Nov 2, 2015Sugar beet harvest is underway in the Panhandle of western Nebraska, eastern and northcentral Wyoming, southern Montana and northern Colorado. So far this has been a good year for growing […]

Minnesota: Producer has Flawless Harvest – DTN

🕔Oct 30, 2015Noah Hultgren said he couldn’t have asked for anything better that the perfect growing season he had on his farm at Raymond, Minnesota. When DTN visited Hultgren’s farm back in […]

Minnesota: Farmers Cross Their Fingers for Rains – DTN

🕔May 18, 2015Raymond, Minnesota, farmer Noah Hultgren finished planting all of his corn and sugar beet acres as of last week — realizing the crops still faced possible freeze for days to […]

California Field Crops Forecast: Cotton, Corn and Rice Acreage Down

🕔Mar 31, 2015The USDA-NASS, Pacific Regional Field Office today released the forecasts of field crop plantings for 2015. These forecasts, of acreage planted and to be planted, are based on a survey […]

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