Pennsylvania Soybeans: Reports of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome, Brown Stem Rot Aug 5, 2022

    🕔Aug 5, 2022
    We have received reports from the western part of Pennsylvania about fields showing symptoms of sudden death syndrome or brown stem rot (or potentially combinations of the two in the […]

    Michigan Soybeans: Monitoring for Fungicide Resistance in Sudden Death Syndrome Jul 10, 2022

    🕔Jul 10, 2022
    Michigan State University researchers are asking for your help to collect soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) samples from across Michigan. Graduate student Ryan Hamilton is working on the Michigan Soybean Committee-supported […]

    Soybeans: Researchers Uncover Ways to Combat Sudden Death Syndrome Dec 16, 2021

    🕔Dec 16, 2021
    A Kansas State University plant pathologist says researchers and producers need to work together to control a soilborne disease in soybeans that can rob that crop of yields. “Sudden death […]

    Soybeans: Sudden Death Syndrome Catching Eyes – DTN Aug 20, 2021

    🕔Aug 20, 2021
     Few souls would ever willingly spend their birthday sorting through wilted soybean leaves and splitting sickly stems, but it’s a good thing Daren Mueller is one of them. That’s how […]

    Mississippi Soybeans: Dealing with Root Diseases – Podcast Aug 20, 2021

    🕔Aug 20, 2021
    From the Crop Doctors’ Podcast studio in Stoneville, Tom and Jason discuss root diseases in soybean.  They compare symptoms and techniques to diagnose taproot decline, sudden death syndrome, and southern […]

    Tennessee Soybeans: Scouting for Diseases, Deciding on Fungicides Aug 13, 2021

    🕔Aug 13, 2021
    As soybean fields are blooming, disease scouting needs to start to guide fungicide application decisions. To determine if a disease will become a significant PEST, that will effect yield, four main factors […]

    Michigan: Soybeans After Soybeans – Planting Recommendations Mar 19, 2021

    🕔Mar 19, 2021
    Given the projected market prices and current production costs for corn and soybeans, some producers are altering their long-term rotation plans by increasing soybean acreage in 2021. In these situations, […]

    Nebraska Soybeans: Diseases to Watch For Sep 9, 2020

    🕔Sep 9, 2020
    Patches of yellowing or dying soybeans have been observed and are a cause of concern across many areas of Nebraska in the last two weeks. Some of these areas are […]

    Pennsylvania Soybeans: Reports of Sudden Death Syndrome Aug 21, 2020

    🕔Aug 21, 2020
    Beyond COVID-19, the 2020 has been challenging for soybean farmers in Pennsylvania with conditions ranging from abnormally to moderately dry in many parts of the state, to other areas of […]

    Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Late Summer Diseases, What to Plan for Next Year – Podcast Aug 19, 2020

    🕔Aug 19, 2020
    In this week’s podcast, we feature Dr. Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota Professor of Plant Pathology. Dr. Malvick discussed what diseases he is keeping an eye out for in Minnesota soybean […]


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