Nebraska: Recommendations for Irrigation Equipment Affected by Flooding Apr 1, 2019

🕔Apr 1, 2019
With the recent widespread flooding, many irrigation systems across the state have been affected by flooding. As waters drain and soils dry out, part of the recovery process will include […]

Nebraska: How to Schedule Your Final Irrigation Rounds Aug 13, 2018

🕔Aug 13, 2018
The 2018 growing season in Nebraska started cold and dry, followed by hot and below average precipitation for much of the state during May. However, some parts started out rainy […]

Nebraska Irrigation, Part 3: In-Canopy vs. Above-Canopy Sprinklers Apr 9, 2018

🕔Apr 9, 2018
The best height for sprinkler devices relative to crop height has been debated for some time and has recently resurfaced. Some have decided to reposition devices at the truss rod […]

Nebraska Irrigation: In-Canopy vs. Above-Canopy Sprinkers Apr 4, 2018

🕔Apr 4, 2018
Sprinkler Package Design Sprinkler packages should be designed to apply irrigation water uniformly and efficiently while continuing to be feasible. The design must account for characteristics of the specific pivot, […]

Nebraska Irrigation: In-Canopy vs. Above-Canopy – Which One Do You Need? Mar 27, 2018

🕔Mar 27, 2018
Selecting the proper sprinkler package for a center-pivot or lateral-move irrigation system is essential to efficient operation. New pivots that have the latest control options but a poorly designed sprinkler […]

Nebraska: New Center Pivot Handbook is a Comprehensive Guide Mar 27, 2018

🕔Mar 27, 2018
Is your center pivot irrigation system performing as efficiently as it should be? Are you getting optimal crop yield for the amount of water applied? What steps can you take […]

Nebraska: Time to Evaluate Your Irrigation System Aug 21, 2017

🕔Aug 21, 2017
By this time of year, everyone is ready to be done irrigating; however, now is the perfect time to evaluate your irrigation equipment and the crop it irrigated to see […]

Nebraska Corn: Predicting Late-Season Irrigation Needs Aug 7, 2017

🕔Aug 7, 2017
The 2017 growing season started with warm dry planting conditions, followed by significant rain delays in May in many parts of the state, and a summer of intermittent weeks of […]

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