Cotton – Southeast – Planting Progresses Where The Weather Allows – AgFax May 20, 2020

🕔May 20, 2020
Sunshine and warmer temperatures are doing great things for the crop. Rain varies from none to heavy, with tropical storm Arthur dumping heavy amounts on the Carolinas.

Cotton – Southeast – Where They Can, Farmers Are Planting Like Crazy – AgFax May 7, 2020

🕔May 7, 2020
Colder weather will put planting on hold in the upper Southeast, but farmers in the lower half of the region have somewhat better conditions and are rolling hard.

Cotton – Southeast – Better Planting Weather (Hopefully) – AgFax Apr 30, 2020

🕔Apr 30, 2020
After too much rain and cold weather, planting weather looks much better going into May. Farmers have plenty of ground to cover.

Cotton – Southeast – Hoping For Better Weather In Early May – AgFax Apr 23, 2020

🕔Apr 23, 2020
d Pam Caraway, Contributing Editor Owen Taylor, Editor Here is this week’s issue of AgFax Southeast Cotton, sponsored by the Southern Cotton Team of Amvac Chemical Corporation. Subscribe OVERVIEW Planting […]

Alabama: Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus – What You Should Know Feb 21, 2020

🕔Feb 21, 2020
Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus (CLRDV-AL), which causes cotton blue disease, is now considered part of the environment, according to Alabama Extension specialists and Auburn University researchers. The same disease […]

Alabama Cotton: Do Rootknot Nematode Resistant Varieties Require Less N? Dec 17, 2019

🕔Dec 17, 2019
Below are the results from a trial conducted in three locations in 2019. Varieties were PHY 480 W3FE, which has resistance to root-knot nematode (RKN), and DP 1646 B2XF, an […]

Alabama Cotton: 2019 On-Farm Variety Trial Results Dec 17, 2019

🕔Dec 17, 2019
Below are preliminary results from the 2019 AU On-Farm Trials. Varieties are sorted by rank based on the 7-Location Average for the North and the 5 Location Average for the […]

Alabama: Producers Harvest Crops Despite Widespread Drought Oct 11, 2019

🕔Oct 11, 2019
Widespread drought continues in Alabama, as nearly 84 percent of the state is in severe drought. In fact, 55 percent of the state’s soil and subsoil moisture is reported to […]

Alabama Cotton: Crop Speeding Towards Harvest Sep 10, 2019

🕔Sep 10, 2019
Situation Our crop is speeding to open.  Many fields are ready for harvest aids and the majority of the crop is well ahead of normal due to high temperatures.  Late-planted […]

Alabama Cotton: Dry Spring Causes Management Difficulties Jun 5, 2019

🕔Jun 5, 2019
Rain in the forecast is a welcome change from the lingering dry conditions Alabama producers have battled this spring. Producers generally plant cotton between April 20 and the first week […]


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