Ohio Soybeans: How Will Wet Weather Affect Stands? Jun 25, 2019

🕔Jun 25, 2019
Saturated soils after soybean planting can cause uneven emergence and stand reductions of varying extent depending on the stage of the soybean plant and other environmental factors including temperature and […]

Missouri: Corn, Soybean Survival After Flooding May 30, 2019

🕔May 30, 2019
The extreme 2019 rainfall events have created record, or near record, river levels across many locations in the state. Many rivers and creeks across a wide geography of Missouri have […]

Missouri Wheat: Evaluating Stands After a Tough Winter Mar 8, 2019

🕔Mar 8, 2019
Last fall it was extremely difficult to plant wheat in a timely manner across most of Missouri. Although there was some wheat planted at an ideal time frame, much of […]

North Carolina Cotton: Re-Planting Decisions, Managing Late Planted Fields May 23, 2018

🕔May 23, 2018
Most areas of the state have experienced rainfall nearly daily for a week now. In my conversations with growers across the state, it appears that most growers are either done […]

Minnesota Wheat, Rye: Evaluating Your Stands Apr 16, 2018

🕔Apr 16, 2018
As wintery weather persists, you may wonder if your winter wheat or rye has survived this winter.  If you are really anxious or bored, you can dig up some crowns […]

Ohio: Winter Wheat Stand Evaluation Mar 20, 2018

🕔Mar 20, 2018
Feekes 5 growth stage (leaf sheaths strongly erect) is a good time to evaluate winter wheat stand. Over the past two years, with funding from the Ohio Small Grains Marketing […]

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