Indiana Corn: Are Your Fields at Risk for Lodging? Sep 21, 2021

🕔Sep 21, 2021
Editor’s Note: For accompanying table see the original article at the Source URL below. There are many factors that can contribute to stalk decline. There are both plant pathogenic causes and […]

Ohio Corn: Foliar Diseases May Affect Stalk Strength and Quality Sep 14, 2021

🕔Sep 14, 2021
Causes of Stalk Rot Several factors may contribute to stalk rot, including extreme weather conditions, inadequate fertilization, problems with nutrient uptake, insects, and diseases. This year, the combined effects of […]

Corn: Researchers Look to Improve Stalk Strength Jul 3, 2021

🕔Jul 3, 2021
Corn is one of the most important cereal crops in the world. But stalk lodging destroys up to one-quarter of the U.S. corn crop each year. Stalk lodging is breakage […]

Michigan Corn: Evaluate Stalk Strength Prior to Harvest Sep 28, 2018

🕔Sep 28, 2018
The 2018 growing season has been pretty quiet in many locations across southern Michigan when it comes to thunderstorm activity. While we have not seen too much in the way […]

Ohio Corn: Stress During Grain Fill? Expect Stalk Health Problems Aug 25, 2017

🕔Aug 25, 2017
Serious crop stress during the grain filling period of corn increases the risk of stalk rots and stalk lodging (breakage) prior to grain harvest. Among the more common serious stresses that can […]

Midwest Corn: Stalk Strength Could Be an Issue During Harvest – DTN Sep 2, 2015

🕔Sep 2, 2015
Corn is rapidly moving through dent stage (R5). Excess rain early in the summer, shallow roots, shortages of nitrogen and a dry August have contributed to corn moving through grain […]

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