Iowa: Wet Weather Creates Challenges for Harvest

🕔Sep 26, 2016The 2016 growing season was wet with two distinct temperature patterns–hot during early pollination and cooler in August. Most of Iowa had 125% up to 200% of normal rainfall up to […]

Nebraska Corn: Stalk Rot Diseases – Anthracnose Top Dieback

🕔Sep 12, 2016Some of the 2016 Nebraska corn crop experienced prolonged stress and sometimes wounding earlier this season. While most of the crop looks good, we are beginning to see early evidence […]

Corn: It’s Fungal Disease Time – DTN

🕔Sep 7, 2016Ah, fall. Corn is drying down, soybeans will soon drop their leaves and pumpkin spice latte photos will clutter your Twitter feed. Don’t forget about the less savory September surprises […]

Delaware Corn: Stalk Rots – What Causes Them and What Can You Do About It

🕔Aug 25, 2016Stalk rots are one of the most frequent and damaging issues for corn production.  Corn plants produce sugars (carbon) through photosynthesis.  These sugars are used as energy for growth and […]

Nebraska Corn: Black ‘Dusty’ Corn in Some Fields

🕔Oct 12, 2015As harvest nears or progresses throughout Nebraska, stalk and ear rot diseases continue to become evident and producers should be monitoring for diseases.  Stalk rot diseases have weakened stalk strength […]

Nebraska Corn: Stalk and Crown Rot Diseases Developing

🕔Sep 14, 2015Figure 1a. Early death or discoloration of plants or upper leaves can be a symptom of stalk or crown rot diseases. Push, pinch, or split symptomatic plants down through the […]

Iowa Corn: Spotting Physoderma Brown Spot and Stalk Rot

🕔Jul 27, 2015Physoderma brown spot and stalk rot is caused by the chytridiomycete Physoderma maydis. This is the only class of fungi that produce zoospores – spores that have a flagellum (tail) […]

Corn: Seed Selection Fights Overwintering Diseases — DTN

🕔Dec 4, 2014Summer is long gone, but the foliar diseases, ear rots, and stalk rots that plagued many Midwestern corn growers this season are not. Diseases such as northern corn leaf blight […]

Delaware Corn: Several Factors Influence Lodging, Stalk Rot

🕔Nov 13, 2014Due to the delay in harvest, we are starting to hear and see more reports of stalk rots and lodging in corn. Stalk rots are common and can be found […]

Delaware Corn: Foliar Anthracnose Not Indicative of Stalk Rot

🕔Oct 8, 2014Stalk rots are common and important diseases of corn.  This season, growers in the Mid-Atlantic noticed an abundance of foliar anthracnose on their corn.  Growers also are likely aware that […]

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