Weeds: Successful Spraying Requires More than Buying Equipment – DTN

🕔Mar 20, 2018Training in proper spray techniques has never been more important.

Texas Livestock: Win the War on Weeds in Warm-Season Pastures

🕔Feb 12, 2018Weeds in warm-season pastures can be an annual battle, and producers should prepare their spray equipment to win the war, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert.

Dicamba Injury: Don’t Get Complacent on Sprayer Cleanout, Upkeep

🕔Jun 14, 2017The availability of dicamba-tolerant soybean this season increases the need for emphasis on proper maintenance and thorough cleanout of the sprayer system between applications; especially POST applications.

Spraying Auxin Herbicides? Your Applicator Hoses May Be Retaining Harmful Residuals

🕔Apr 18, 2017It is important for growers using auxin herbicides to take precautions. Residues of the herbicide retained by certain types of applicator hoses can injure sensitive crops.

Pennsylvania: Save Input Costs with These Step-by-Step Calibration Instructions

🕔Apr 5, 2017If you didn’t already, it’s a good time to calibrate your sprayer before it is put to a lot use this spring. Relying on your pressure gauge, gear and tachometer […]

Florida: Spray Nozzle Selection, Maintenance Are Very Important

🕔Feb 27, 2017There is no shortage of new technologies being marketed to improve the efficiency of farming operations.  The most cost effective place to start is with the basics, or in other […]

Prepare Sprayer for Storage to Avoid Costly Problems in Spring

🕔Oct 25, 2016It is very likely that you will not be using your sprayer again until next spring. To avoid potential problems and save yourself from frustration and major headaches in the […]

Cleaning Valor Out of Your Spray Tank

🕔Jun 1, 2015I know many folks are through using Valor for the year, but some folks are still using it for soybeans.  I got this tank cleanout guide from Hunt Sanders, FMD […]

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