Global Markets: Coarse Grains – Near-Record U.S. Corn Exports in 2017/18 Jul 13, 2018

🕔Jul 13, 2018Ample supplies, combined with a continued lack of competition and continued strong foreign demand, have brightened export prospects in the second-half of 2017/18 (October-September). This month, exports are forecast at […]

Fertilizer is Tough Sell in Europe, 50% Less Used in France – DTN Dec 9, 2016

🕔Dec 9, 2016Fertilizer regulations continue to be a burden for Europe’s retailers and farmers as the general public there looks at fertilizer as a bad thing, according to one European fertilizer insider. […]

Cuba: A Long Line of Sugar Daddies – Time for a Real Partner? – DTN Nov 30, 2016

🕔Nov 30, 2016Cuba has had a long line of sugar daddies. Spain, which conquered the island in the 15th century, was first to provide Cuba with infrastructure. In exchange, the island shipped […]

Ethanol: Production Continues Despite Abengoa Financial Issues – DTN Dec 3, 2015

🕔Dec 3, 2015All indications are Abengoa Bioenergy SA continues normal operations at its ethanol plants in the United States despite questions about the Spain-based company’s financial health. Abengoa Bioenergy SA filed for […]

Almond News: Fighting for Water; Spain Production Booming Oct 20, 2015

🕔Oct 20, 2015Water – Fighting for every drop Dan Morain of the Sacramento Bee reports that “the notion that water is for fightin’ extends to the stuff you flush” in drought parched […]

Pennsylvania: No-tiller’s Observations of Spanish Cereal Grain Production Feb 3, 2015

🕔Feb 3, 2015A recent holiday trip took my family to Spain for 2 weeks. Travel throughout the central and eastern parts of the country took us through a lot of land devoted […]

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