Global Markets: Coarse Grains – Australia Mirrors Argentina in Robust Sorghum Exports Jan 15, 2022

🕔Jan 15, 2022
Australia is currently forecast to export 1.4 million tons of sorghum in the 2020/21 marketing year (Mar 2021 – Feb 2022) on production of 1.5 million tons, a 93 percent […]

Global Markets: Coarse Grains – India Corn Exports Competitive Regionally Mar 12, 2021

🕔Mar 12, 2021
After over a year of high domestic corn prices, a contraction in poultry feed demand due to COVID- 19 has led to a substantial easing of prices, making India corn […]

Global Markets: Grains – U.S. Corn, Sorghum Sales to China Bode Well for Exports Aug 13, 2020

🕔Aug 13, 2020
As of the last week in July, combined U.S. old-crop corn and sorghum commitments (accumulated exports plus outstanding sales) to China stand at 5.6 million tons for delivery in 2019/20, […]

Global Markets: Coarse Grains – Foreign Sorghum Exports Lowest Since 2005/06 Feb 14, 2020

🕔Feb 14, 2020
The current forecast for 2019/20 (Oct-Sep) foreign sorghum exports is the third-lowest in USDA’s database. World sorghum exports are expected to be the fifth-lowest in history, though the United States […]

Feed Grain Outlook: No Changes to Domestic Projections Dec 18, 2019

🕔Dec 18, 2019
With no new data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service this month, and steady demand from exports, food, seed, and industrial use, and feed and residual use, there were no […]

Global Markets: Coarse Grains – U.S. Sorghum Ending Stocks Highest Since 2005/06 Mar 8, 2019

🕔Mar 8, 2019
The build-up in forecast ending stocks is mainly due to diminished export prospects and an abundance of corn, the major competing feed grain. Corn is generally considered to be of […]

Sorghum: Catfish Feeding Trial in Vietnam Offers New Opportunity for U.S. Farmers Sep 22, 2017

🕔Sep 22, 2017
After years of strategic planning and vision, a new market was recently explored in Southeast Asia that shows potential to bring producers more value for their sorghum crop. The Sorghum […]

Sorghum Markets Gain Momentum May 4, 2016

🕔May 4, 2016
Compared to traditional demand, 2015 was an irregular year for the sorghum marketplace. While U.S. sorghum exports more than doubled, small but significant rises in the consumer and pet food […]

Sorghum: Why It’s South China’s Hottest Import Grain – DTN Mar 26, 2015

🕔Mar 26, 2015
Feed companies in Guangdong Province, one of China’s largest meat producing and consuming provinces, imported 400,000 metric tons of sorghum in January, replacing one-third of its typical 1.2 mmt per […]

U.S. Sorghum Exports at All-Time High. Thanks China. Feb 1, 2015

🕔Feb 1, 2015
U.S. grain sorghum exports have already surpassed the 2014 annual total just 4 months into the marketing year. The sorghum market, both domestically and internationally, has steadily increased within the […]

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