Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Time to Check Your Numbers – DTN Oct 23, 2020

🕔Oct 23, 2020
Chances are you get a blood pressure reading with each doctor visit. If that number is higher than it should be, steps are taken to keep the problem in check. […]

Tennessee Soybeans: Time to Sample Soil for Pathogenic Nematodes Oct 21, 2020

🕔Oct 21, 2020
Taking soil samples this fall? Why not send them for nematode screening? Take the test and beat the pest! Read on to learn how to take and submit soil samples […]

Soil Sampling Goes Robotic – DTN Oct 18, 2020

🕔Oct 18, 2020
On a cold, snowy November day last year, Steve Wallpe watched one of Rogo Ag’s SmartCore autonomous robots scoot around his fields taking and bagging soil samples. Two things instantly […]

Pennsylvania: Fall Is the Perfect Time for Soil Sampling Oct 2, 2020

🕔Oct 2, 2020
Routine soil testing is the foundation of any successful soil fertility program. Without knowing the nutrient levels and soil pH in your crop fields, it is impossible to manage nutrients […]

Mississippi Soybeans: Free Soil Nematode Tests Extended to 2021 Aug 31, 2020

🕔Aug 31, 2020
The Mississippi State University Extension Service is offering another year of free testing for often overlooked nematode pests that frequently cause poor crop performance. Soil-dwelling root-knot, reniform and soybean cyst […]

Alabama Soybean Farmers Offered Free Nematode Analysis Aug 27, 2020

🕔Aug 27, 2020
Now is an ideal time to troubleshoot those problem areas in a field. Nematode populations should be at a peak now (when you can still identify the problem areas) or […]

Kentucky: Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Starts with Soil Sampling Apr 15, 2020

🕔Apr 15, 2020
Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) causes greater annual yield losses in Kentucky than any other pathogen of soybean.  The last time a formal survey was conducted by the University of Kentucky […]

Alabama: Collecting Soil, Root Samples for Nematode Analysis Dec 10, 2019

🕔Dec 10, 2019
Why Sample for Nematodes? Several kinds of plant parasitic nematodes attack Alabama’s field crops, gardens, and landscape plantings each year. Crop losses caused by nematodes nationwide are estimated at around […]

Nebraska: Soil Sampling for Better Fertilization Decisions Dec 9, 2019

🕔Dec 9, 2019
Soil sampling and testing are essential to determine soil properties and fertility levels to make good management decisions about fertilizer, manure, and lime application rates. Appropriate nutrient and amendment applications […]

Minnesota: Fall Soil Sampling – Podcast Nov 12, 2019

🕔Nov 12, 2019
In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, we discuss fall soil sampling. Is there a best time to take samples in the fall? What is a good strategy for sampling banded […]

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