Minnesota: Fall N Loss – Do These Scenarios Apply to You?

🕔Nov 28, 2017Not all fall-applied nitrogen sources are equal. Fall-applied anhydrous ammonia behaves very differently than fall-applied urea. Anhydrous ammonia is as harmful to microorganisms as it is to people, so the […]

Flint on Crops: Yields Are Different for a Reason – Commentary

🕔Nov 27, 2017We often underestimate our abilities to explain what we see as crops respond to field conditions from one year to the next. I can’t decide whether this stems from a […]

Missouri: Inexpensive Soil Tests Can Save Farmers Thousands

🕔Nov 24, 2017Soil tests can save farmers thousands of dollars, says Manjula Nathan, director of the University of Missouri Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory. Too often, farmers follow routine fertilization schedules and […]

Texas Wheat: Crediting Soil N Can Cut Costs Without Cutting Yield

🕔Nov 10, 2017One of the foremost questions on many wheat producers’ minds this year is “Will I make any money on wheat?” While it is true wheat prices are down and many […]

Minnesota Corn: Fall vs. Spring – When to Apply Phosphorus

🕔Nov 9, 2017Among the major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), phosphorus (P) has the least mobility. As the fertilizer granule dissolves, most of the P in the fertilizer will likely only move […]

Georgia Pecans: Cover Crops Are Valuable Additions to Orchards

🕔Nov 9, 2017University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells recommends planting crimson clover, or a similar cover crop, in pecan orchards to supply much-needed nitrogen and build up organic matter […]

Texas: Aerial Scouting Is Fine, but Soil Health Is the Real Limiting Factor

🕔Nov 8, 2017The era of remote sensing, aerial drones, satellite imaging and GPS/GIS has most producers focusing on the visible issues present in their fields.  The Soil Health movement is attempting to […]

Oklahoma Wheat: Considerations for Late-Planted Crops

🕔Nov 7, 2017Some producers throughout Oklahoma have been delayed in getting their wheat crop established due to fall armyworm and/or the rainfall we have had throughout October. While we are now outside […]

Florida: Now Is the Time to Soil Test Crop Fields

🕔Nov 7, 2017Your peanut fields are harvested and you’re probably waiting for those last few bolls to bust open to finish cotton harvest. After that, it’s time to soil test! Fertilizer expenses […]

Illinois Corn: Timing Fall Nitrogen Applications

🕔Oct 20, 2017The substantial rain that fell over central and northern Illinois between October 5 and 15 mostly soaked into the soil that was dried out by crop water use, and harvest […]



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