Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Crop Production After Heavy Rain, Field Flooding May 21, 2022

    🕔May 21, 2022
    A large swath of central Minnesota saw 4 to 7 inches of rain between May 7-14, with some locations reporting over 8 inches. This resulted in heavily flooded fields with […]

    Minnesota: Crusting and Emergence Problems May 20, 2022

    🕔May 20, 2022
    Last week’s heavy rains have caused widespread crusting problems.  Dr. David Franzen, NDSU Extension Soil Scientist, summarized the options available to you in an article more than a decade ago.  […]

    Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Considerations for Handling Crusted Soil May 10, 2022

    🕔May 10, 2022
    Warmer temperatures combined with dryer weather will push planting progress along. For fields that have been already planted, recent precipitation and warmer days ahead can build conditions for soil crusting. […]

    Illinois: On the Watch for Soil Crusting May 9, 2022

    🕔May 9, 2022
    Corn and soybean planting progress has been slow so far in Illinois, with 7 percent of the corn crop and 5 percent of the soybean crop planted by May 1. […]

    Ohio: Soil Health – Using the Slake Test to Determine Crusting Apr 24, 2018

    🕔Apr 24, 2018
    An easy to use test can be done to predict potential soil crusting on farm fields. All you need is some chicken wire, water, a glass jar, and a dry […]

    Indiana Corn: Emergence Assessment in Crusted Soils – Video May 25, 2017

    🕔May 25, 2017
    The recent spate of rainy weather and chilly temperatures does not bode well for some corn fields planted prior to the onset of the nasty weather. Problems with germination, emergence, or […]

    Mississippi Irrigation: Identification of Sealing Soils May 20, 2015

    🕔May 20, 2015
    Surface sealing, from an irrigation management standpoint, is problematic because it can drastically reduce rainfall or irrigation infiltration rates.

    North Carolina Cotton: Prevent Stand Problems from Crusted Soils May 12, 2015

    🕔May 12, 2015
    Tropical Storm Ana brought noticeable rainfall across the majority of the Coastal Plains over the last couple of days. Reports thus far range from 0.5 inches to nearly 5 inches […]


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