Texas Blacklands IPM: Sugarcane Aphid Thresholds May 20, 2019

🕔May 20, 2019Cotton Cotton that has been planted and emerged is growing as our saturated soil profile is finally starting to dry down. Cotton in the scouting program was at the 2- […]

Tennessee Sweet Sorghum: Section 18 Exemption Granted for Sivanto Feb 26, 2019

🕔Feb 26, 2019The Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the EPA has again approved a Section 18 that allows the use of Sivanto prime on sweet sorghum for the control of sugarcane aphids […]

Tennessee Sweet Sorghum: Section 18 Approved for Sivanto Jun 14, 2018

🕔Jun 14, 2018The EPA has approved Tennessee’s Section 18 request for Sivanto (a.k.a. Sivanto prime) in sweet sorghum for control of sugarcane aphid. This product is already fully labeled on grain sorghum, […]

Texas West Plains: Cotton Almost at Bloom; 6 Points About Sugarcane Aphid Jul 7, 2017

🕔Jul 7, 2017Cotton, what we have remaining, ranges from cotyledon stage (replant) to 13 true leaves with square set good with an average of 82%. I attribute most all missing squares so […]

Sorghum: Commercial Varieties with Built-in Resistance to Sugarcane Aphid – DTN Mar 4, 2017

🕔Mar 4, 2017American sorghum varieties are surprisingly well equipped to take on the sugarcane aphid, according to a Kansas State researcher.   “It’s very unusual to have such a large number of […]

Arkansas Sweet Sorghum: Used Sivanto Under Crisis Exemption? Your Feedback Is Required. Dec 2, 2016

🕔Dec 2, 2016The Arkansas State Plant Board received a crisis exemption to use Sivanto Prime as a foliar application on sweet sorghum to control sugarcane aphids in 2016 (the Section 18 label […]

Texas West Plains: Wet and Hot Season – Diseases and Regrowth Sep 5, 2016

🕔Sep 5, 2016August ended as one the wettest in many years. Not a bad thing considering July was one of the hottest in a few years. However, this wet, cloudy and cooler […]

Sugarcane Aphids: Control Further Complicated by EPA – DTN May 4, 2016

🕔May 4, 2016An unwelcome guest spent the winter in north Texas this year — the sugarcane aphid. The aphid usually overwinters in Mexico and the Gulf and must journey northward during the […]

Texas Sorghum: Higher Rates of Sivanto Reccomended for Sugarcane Aphid Management Aug 13, 2015

🕔Aug 13, 2015Russ Perkins, Technical Service Rep., for Bayer CropScience stated yesterday that the company is now recommending Sivanto 200 SL be applied at 5 floz per acre for control of sugarcane […]

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