Indiana Soybeans: N Deficiency Behind Highlighter Green Fields

🕔Aug 31, 2018We are accustom to a sea of dark green soybeans during the month of August, so it is troubling when we see areas in our fields that turn highlighter green […]

Michigan Soybeans: Irrigation at R-3 Has Greatest Yield Impact

🕔Jul 12, 2018Efficient soybean irrigation is based heavily on growth stage. Reproductive stage R-3 is the dividing line between minimal application to just keep crop growth moving forward compared to ample water […]

Indiana Soybeans: Sulfur Deficiencies? 4 Common Questions

🕔Jun 18, 2018Over the last few years,  we have been documenting some    remarkable soybean yield responses (upwards of 13 bushels) to sulfur (S) in northwestern Indiana. I shared more details of these […]

Indiana: Top Farmer Conference, West Lafayette, Jan. 9

🕔Nov 16, 2017Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture will present the 50th Top Farmer Conference on Jan. 9 at the Beck Agricultural Center in West Lafayette. A pre-conference workshop will be held on Jan. 8 at the […]

Indiana: Agronomy Field Day, West Lafayette, Sept. 7

🕔Jul 24, 2017Farmers trying to balance weak crop prices and rising input costs can learn more about farm financial fitness at a field day sponsored by Purdue Extension, the Purdue Department of […]

Indiana Soybeans: Leaf Sampling for Nutritional Needs – Video

🕔Jul 21, 2017It is very important to select the correct soybean leaves when tissue sampling to determine nutritional needs during the growing season. The most recent, mature trifoliate leaf will provide the […]

Indiana: Southeast Purdue Ag Center Field Day, Bulterville, Aug. 17

🕔Jul 20, 2017Purdue Extension will host the 2017 Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) Field Day on Aug. 17, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participants will get the latest updates on weed […]

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