Texas Aquaculture: Low Catfish Prices Push Producers to Redfish, Bass Jan 21, 2019

🕔Jan 21, 2019Consumer trends continue to drive an industry change from traditional aquaculture species like catfish to higher value species including redfish and hybrid striped bass, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension […]

Iowa: Salmon Farm Startup Looking for Investors; Emerging Market for Soybeans – DTN Sep 7, 2016

🕔Sep 7, 2016Could salmon or shrimp be the new market opportunities for farmers in the Midwest? An Iowa startup is seeking investors and raising funds to build a fish farm in the […]

Genetically Engineered Salmon is FDA Approved, Backlash Begins – DTN Nov 19, 2015

🕔Nov 19, 2015The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved genetically engineered salmon as “safe to eat.” But the approval came in the form of a drug approval, and consumer advocates promised […]

FDA Approves GE Salmon, Implications for Other GMO Foods Nov 19, 2015

🕔Nov 19, 2015The FDA has approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption, the first time the agency has taken a stance in the GMO debate.

Keith Good: Water Policy Issues Challenge California Almond Industry Dec 29, 2014

🕔Dec 29, 2014Drought- Water Policy Issues- California Felicity Barringer reported in yesterday’s New York Times that, “California’s almond orchards have been thriving over the past decade and now provide an $11 billion annual […]

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