Alabama Cotton: Scouting, Control of Plant Bugs – Video Jun 24, 2020

🕔Jun 24, 2020
We have not been able to have face-to-face scout schools because of the corona virus so I have asked Alabama Extension entomologists Dr. Ron Smith and Dr. Scott Graham to […]

Cotton – Southeast – The Crop Eases Into A Better Gear, Finally – AgFax Jun 17, 2020

🕔Jun 17, 2020
Drier weather and more sunshine are helping move the crop along but an assortment of pests are waiting in the wings.

Alabama Cotton: Spider Mites Emerging, What You Should Know Jun 17, 2020

🕔Jun 17, 2020
The two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae, is an occasional economic pest of Alabama cotton. Adult two-spotted spider mites are 0.3 to 0.4 milliliters in size and may be red, yellow, or […]

Alabama Cotton: Dealing with Spider Mites Jun 16, 2020

🕔Jun 16, 2020
Following Tropical Storm Cristobal, spider mites are still building in parts of central Alabama. Spider mite infestations are rarely evenly distributed throughout the field and are almost always in clumps […]

Cotton – Southeast – Planting Winds Down — Now On To All The Other Challenges – AgFax Jun 10, 2020

🕔Jun 10, 2020
Pests are creeping onto the scene and more pressure seems likely as we head toward the second half of June.

Alabama Cotton: Slugs and Snails Raise Questions – Here Are Answers Jun 6, 2020

🕔Jun 6, 2020
We have seen and heard reports of snails and slugs across the state this week (June 5th). We normally can expect some issues in cool, wet years and in reduced […]

Cotton – Southeast – A Tough And Unreliable Planting Season Winding Down – AgFax Jun 3, 2020

🕔Jun 3, 2020
Cotton farmers leave some acres unplanted after rain and cold weather kept them out of the field. This will take an extra bite out of cotton plantings for 2020.

Alabama Cotton: Grasshoppers, Thrips Still Active Jun 2, 2020

🕔Jun 2, 2020
Grasshoppers Still Around Grasshoppers are still prevalent and are being found in high numbers in the state. We are largely dealing with adults, which are more difficult to control. If […]

Alabama Cotton: Thrips, Grasshopper Control – New Videos May 28, 2020

🕔May 28, 2020
Since we aren’t able to have face-to-face cotton scout schools, I have asked Dr. Ron Smith and Dr. Scott Graham to do some YouTube videos with me on cotton scouting […]

Cotton – Southeast – Planting Moves Towards A Conclusion, One Way Or The Other May 27, 2020

🕔May 27, 2020
Rains continue delaying planting progress in parts of the region, and some growers may fall back on prevented planting coverage.

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