NAFTA Talks Inch Forward, But More Work Needed

🕔Jan 29, 2018Trade ministers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States today ended the 6th round of negotiations to modernize the North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA) without issuing a joint statement, […]

Congress Returns to Work: Taxes and Ag Nominees – DTN

🕔Nov 28, 2017Congress returns to Washington this week for what is scheduled to be a three-week session before the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, with an agenda filled with taxes and budget […]

NAFTA Rewrite: 4th Round of Talks End – More Negotiations in 2018 – DTN

🕔Oct 20, 2017The United States has formally put forward proposals to make changes to Canada’s dairy supply management system and to make it easier for U.S. fruit and vegetable producers to file […]

NAFTA: Mexico Says Ag Seasonal Trade Remedy Laws Are a No Go – DTN

🕔Oct 18, 2017Representatives of the U.S. and Mexican agriculture held a news conference Friday at a high-end restaurant inside the Newseum in Washington to warn that any proposal to allow produce farmers […]

U.S. Trade: Lighthizer Reiterates Importance of Agriculture for U.S. Trade

🕔Mar 15, 2017Yesterday (Tuesday, March 14), the Senate Committee on Finance held the confirmation hearing for Robert Lighthizer, President Trump’s nominee to the position of U.S. Trade Representative. Lighthizer spent more than […]

Farm Policy: Senate Finance Committee Debates Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Secretary

🕔Mar 15, 2017Yesterday (Tuesday, March 14), the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to consider the nomination of Robert Lighthizer to be United States Trade Representative.  With respect to agricultural trade issues, […]

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