Arkansas Soybeans: Planting Sprints Toward Finish Line as Weather Allows May 22, 2020

🕔May 22, 2020
When asked how soybean planting in his county had been going over the past week or two, Robert Goodson, agriculture agent for the Phillips County Cooperative Extension Service office, paused. […]

Arkansas: Barry’s Wet, Windy Saunter Brings Additional Worries Jul 16, 2019

🕔Jul 16, 2019
The slow-rolling bête noir that was Barry was best summed up in a tweet by Stephen Hoskyn, who farms near Stuttgart: “Tropical Storm Barry is like that friend that comes […]

Arkansas: Nature’s Irony – As Floodwaters Rise, Some Farmers Suffering Dry Fields May 31, 2019

🕔May 31, 2019
While farmers in southeastern Arkansas prepare for the rising Arkansas River, some of their colleagues are coping with the opposite problem: dry fields. As of Friday’s forecast, the river at […]

Arkansas: 1st Week of Blue Skies – Fieldwork Begins in Earnest Mar 22, 2019

🕔Mar 22, 2019
Throughout the Arkansas Delta, growers have eyed the first relatively dry week of weather since last September with cautious optimism. Stewart Runsick, staff chair for the Clay County Cooperative Extension […]

Arkansas Rice: Rains Delay Field Prep, Early Planting Unlikely Feb 22, 2019

🕔Feb 22, 2019
Continuously wet conditions further delayed the work of field preparation throughout much of Arkansas this week, as intermittent rains continue to saturate soils in the state. At production meetings organized […]

Arkansas: Gordon Prompts Accelerated Rice Harvest; Cotton Boll Rot Fret Sep 11, 2018

🕔Sep 11, 2018
Rice harvest in Arkansas accelerated last week, spurred by the approach of Tropical Storm Gordon’s remnants, and this week, farmers are hoping for dry weather to get cotton bolls open […]

Arkansas Rice, Corn: Combines Running Around the Clock to Beat Gordon Sep 4, 2018

🕔Sep 4, 2018
Combines in Arkansas are running around the clock, as growers race to get crops out of the field before Tropical Storm Gordon sweeps into the state on Wednesday.   Monday morning’s […]

Arkansas: Storms Strip Soybeans, Damage Farm Buildings Jul 23, 2018

🕔Jul 23, 2018
Chainsaws became the soundtrack this week as Arkansans cleaned up after storms Saturday unleashed a barrage of large hail, high winds and lightning that left behind downed trees, damaged homes, farms […]

Arkansas: Early Planting Surges Ahead, Even as Rain Makes for Some Slow Spots Mar 30, 2018

🕔Mar 30, 2018
Even as the rains of late winter and early spring still kept field work at a standstill through some parts of Arkansas, corn and rice growers around the state managed […]

Arkansas Wheat: Heavy Rains Impact Critical Window for Burndown, Fertilization Mar 9, 2018

🕔Mar 9, 2018
The steady and significant rainfall experienced by much of Arkansas in late February and early March is tightening a critical window for fertilizing winter wheat in northern Arkansas counties, and […]

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