Arkansas Rice: Below Average Milling Yields – What Went Wrong? Nov 23, 2021

    🕔Nov 23, 2021
    The 2021 season wasn’t without its difficulties throughout the year, but overall, the grain yield results have been very good.  So good, in fact, that a new state average yield […]

    Arkansas Rice: Harvest Passes Mid-Way Point, Yields Still Look Bright Sep 27, 2021

    🕔Sep 27, 2021
    Briefly put, yield reports continue to be bright as we cross the mid-point of rice harvest progress in Arkansas.  Most seem very optimistic about their yields this year and there […]

    Arkansas Rice: Early Harvest Yields Look Good, Milling a Mixed Bag Sep 1, 2021

    🕔Sep 1, 2021
    Early harvest reports continue to sound very good.  Milling yields have been a mixed bag however. Conditions during grain fill combined with rice stink bug pressure may explain the variability […]

    Louisiana Rice: Yields Still Good But Trending Lower Aug 21, 2020

    🕔Aug 21, 2020
    Rice yields over the past week have dropped off a bit as compared to the excellent yields we have seen since harvest has begun. This decline in rice yields is […]

    Louisiana Rice: Harvest Reaching Half-Way Mark Aug 7, 2020

    🕔Aug 7, 2020
    Editor’s Note: Texas A&M reported on the Texas Rice Crop Survey website that 34% of its main crop has been harvested as of today. The harvest for the 2020 rice […]

    Louisiana Rice: Weather Deals Blow to Harvest Aug 23, 2019

    🕔Aug 23, 2019
    Farmers probably would like to forget the 2019 rice crop, which has been plagued by low yields. Bad weather from the start of the growing season through harvest is being […]

    Arkansas: Rice, Soybeans Faced Tough Weather Challenges in 2018 Dec 14, 2018

    🕔Dec 14, 2018
    A year of weather extremes — from a hard-frozen winter to a summer of drought to seemingly endless rains in the fall — took its toll on both rice and soybean, […]

    Rice: CRISPR-Edited Plants Produce Major Boost in Grain Yield May 23, 2018

    🕔May 23, 2018
    A team of scientists from Purdue University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has used CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology to develop a variety of rice that produces 25-31 percent more grain […]

    Arkansas Rice: ‘Mixed Bag’ Growing Season Finishes with 4th Highest State Yield Dec 15, 2017

    🕔Dec 15, 2017
    A growing season of drought, flood and do-overs may still result in the fourth highest state average yield on record for Arkansas’ rice growers, the nation’s top producer of that […]

    Louisiana Rice: Rains Slow Harvest; Yields Look Fair-to-Good Jul 14, 2017

    🕔Jul 14, 2017
    The rice harvest in south Louisiana has gotten off to a wet start that is preventing farmers from getting into their fields, LSU AgCenter rice extension specialist Dustin Harrell said on July […]


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