WASDE Rice: Reduced Demand, Lower U.S. Stocks

🕔Sep 12, 2019The outlook for 2019/20 U.S. rice this month is for much lower supplies, reduced domestic use and exports, and lower ending stocks. The August 23 NASS Rice Stocks report indicated […]

Rice Market: Export Sales Improved – Iraq, Venezuela Make Appearance

🕔Aug 29, 2019Another quiet week has passed in the rice market as the new crop harvest continues and the stage becomes set for the 2019 marketing year. In the indicators this week, the […]

Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Lowered 2%

🕔Aug 21, 2019There were several revisions this month to the 2019/20 U.S. rice balance sheet. On the supply side, the U.S. production forecast was lowered 3.3 million cwt to 205.4 million cwt […]

Louisiana Rice: Farmers Look for Silver Lining for 2019 Crop

🕔Aug 20, 2019Rice harvest in Louisiana has been going on for a few weeks now, with some growers having just gotten started, and some just wrapping up. All in all, this was […]

Rice Market: Harvest Full Speed Ahead, Little New Crop Yet to Trade

🕔Aug 15, 2019It has been another hot week in the rice world as harvest continues apace in the South along the Gulf Coast with portions of the Mississippi crop preparing to begin […]

WASDE Rice: Reduced Domestic Production, Usage

🕔Aug 13, 2019The outlook for 2019/20 U.S. rice this month is for lower supplies, reduced domestic use, and lower ending stocks. Supplies are reduced on a combination of lower beginning stocks and […]

Arkansas Rice: Field Day Covers Advances in Breeding, Management Systems

🕔Aug 9, 2019Visitors got a first look at advanced hybrid rice breeding lines and furrow-irrigated rice research plots at a Rice Research and Extension Center field day Aug. 2. The field day […]

Rice Market: New Crop Almost Export Ready, Farmers Await WASDE

🕔Aug 8, 2019The rice industry has become a bit more exciting this week as events are beginning to transpire which are providing new information to process and trade. Also, with the advent […]

Rice Market Update: Harvest Size, Quality Hotly Speculated

🕔Jul 25, 2019It has been yet another quiet week in the rice market as the pending harvest becomes more hotly anticipated and the size and quality of the crop opens up even […]

Louisiana Rice: Growers Learn Advantages of Furrow Irrigation

🕔Jul 23, 2019An LSU AgCenter research project at the Mer Rouge farm of Jason Waller was the setting for the northeast Louisiana row rice field day on July 18. The practice of […]

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