Arkansas Rice: Upcoming Week Promising for Planting; Hail Damage to Young Plants May 7, 2022

🕔May 7, 2022
This week has been a mixed bag depending on where you were in the state.  Monday night and Tuesday morning much of the state received rains to stop progress, but […]

Arkansas Rice: Weather Allows Huge Leaps in Planting Progress May 2, 2022

🕔May 2, 2022
Weather finally turned in our favor starting mid-week and planting progress actually occurred statewide for the first time all year.  While it’s only a few days, some were able to […]

Arkansas Rice: More Rain Delays; Yield Potential by Planting Date Apr 23, 2022

🕔Apr 23, 2022
If you don’t have anything nice to say, you can sit next to me.  The mid-week rain brought even more than we bargained for, eliminating most all chances of planting […]

Arkansas Rice: Slow Planting Progress; When to Combine Insecticide Seed Treatments Apr 19, 2022

🕔Apr 19, 2022
Some small victories found for a few days this week as rain held off in some areas longer than expected to find more planting opportunity.  However, this was still very […]

Arkansas Rice: Very Little Planting Progress Apr 9, 2022

🕔Apr 9, 2022
So close, and yet so far away.  Very little progress to speak of yet again this week after more rainfall events.  As usual, amounts were variable depending on where you […]

Rice: #Plant22 Has Begun Apr 8, 2022

🕔Apr 8, 2022
Rice planting is well underway in southwest Louisiana and Texas.  However, the crop is progressing slowly due to a variety of factors. “We are approximately 75 percent planted,” said Wayne Hensgen […]

Arkansas Rice: Another Slow Start? Apr 5, 2022

🕔Apr 5, 2022
I don’t that anyone has sounded particularly excited about getting started planting this year, but here we are.  Officially as of last Monday, Arkansas had 1% of rice acres planted.  […]

Arkansas Rice: ‘Twas the Weather Killed the Acres May 17, 2021

🕔May 17, 2021
Somehow, we made another jump in planting progress in Monday’s report to 77% (Fig. 1).  Considering not much happened in the week prior that’s probably a good indication of our […]

Arkansas Rice: Rain Delays Return Apr 30, 2021

🕔Apr 30, 2021
Following a week of tremendous progress, we’ve had a week of mostly standing still.  Monday’s planting progress report came in at 44% (Fig. 1) which was a nice jump but […]

Arkansas Rice: Planting Finally Takes Off Apr 27, 2021

🕔Apr 27, 2021
The week everyone has been waiting on finally arrived.  The rain event last Friday (4/16) mostly fizzled out and the majority of the Delta has been able to get up […]

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