Weed Resistance…Early-Season Prevention In The Age Of Resistance – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Mar 18, 2019Early weed management “sets the tone” for how weed problems play out during the rest of the growing season. This webinar focuses on how to “have a different mindset” when […]

AgFax Weed Solutions – Palmer Pigweed’s New Surprise | Fighting Resistance On Wide Basis

🕔Mar 14, 2019Here is your latest issue of AgFax Weed Solutions, sponsored by Nufarm’s Midwestern and Southern field teams. Editor: Debra L. Ferguson Web Editor: Ernst Undesser Subscribe IN THIS ISSUE Battling Weed […]

Herbicide Resistance – Potential Gains When Farmers Fight Together – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Mar 14, 2019Projected $225,000 advantage over 30 years on 1,000 acres.  When farmers coordinate resistance management on large scale, yields increase as they block resistance, simulation forecasts.

Glyphosate Resistance – United Kingdom Reports It’s First Cases – No Kidding

🕔Jan 25, 2019For the first time, glyphosate weed resistance has turned up in the United Kingdom. To make matters worse, this is the first time that glyphosate resistance has been detected in […]

Eliminating Resistant Weed Seed At Harvest – Aussies Make Huge Push – AgFax

🕔Dec 1, 2018By 2014, some form of harvest weed seed collection already had been implemented on over 40% of Australian’s grain farms “and adoption is expected to increase to 80% by 2020,” […]

Fall Burndown – Is This The Year To Get Ahead Of The Game? – AgFax

🕔Sep 21, 2018Weeds will have plenty of time to emerge and/or make seed in parts of the Midwest and South this fall. Early harvest gives Palmer pigweed, marestail and other tough competitors […]

Resistant Weeds Demand Attention During Harvest – Tips, Plans – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Sep 21, 2018Palmer pigweed, marestail and all the other bad boys are gaining a head start with harvest starting early in many areas. How you deal with weeds after harvest this year […]

Resistant Pigweed — As It Builds In Midwest, Remember Costly Lessons Learned In The South – AgFax

🕔May 9, 2018Fields abandoned due to pigweed? That was a reality in places. “We didn’t know much about Palmer in 2004-05. By the time we did, it was already in every field, […]

Weed Resistance – April’s Tips And Insights On Prevention Management – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Apr 6, 2018Dealing With Resistant Weeds – 13 Tips For 2018 Genetic Weed Control? The Next Frontier In Fighting Resistance? Weather And Spraying: Pay Attention, Pay Attention, Pay Attention Palmer Pigweed: Deeper […]

Spring Weed Burndown Tips, Deciphering Herbicide Labels – And More – AgFax Weed Solutions

🕔Feb 16, 2018Whether you’re trying to kill weeds or a cover crop, don’t count on a one-size-fits-all approach. Two weed scientists — one in Indiana, the other in Louisiana — cover a […]

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