Drone Weed Mapping: Australian Group Rolls Out Practical System – Podcast Nov 5, 2020

🕔Nov 5, 2020
Australians John, Tony and Ben Single have developed an airborne weed sensor, Single Shot. It rapidly detects and maps weeds for later spraying. In this WeedSmart podcast, Ben Single describes […]

Dicamba: With EPA Approvals, Labels Significantly Change – DTN Oct 30, 2020

🕔Oct 30, 2020
EPA released three new dicamba over-the-top herbicide labels on Tuesday: XtendiMax (Bayer), Engenia (BASF) and Tavium (Syngenta). (FeXapan Corteva Agriscience’s marketed version of XtendiMax is not yet registered for use, […]

Herbicide Resistance – 7 Steps With Something New To Consider – AgFax Weed Solutions May 25, 2020

🕔May 25, 2020
Okay, you’ve seen plenty of lists that suggest ways to prevent or cope with herbicide resistance. This one is different. It starts with the way the wrong tank-mix combinations can make resistance worse, much worse.

AgFax Weed Solutions: Latest Herbicide Strategies And Developments Mar 18, 2020

🕔Mar 18, 2020
Dicamba Movement: Predicting Inversions Proves Quite Tricky | Dicamba: Pigweed Punches Back

Weed Solutions: Weed Challenges After Floods, Cotton Virus Hosted By Winter Weeds – AgFax Feb 24, 2020

🕔Feb 24, 2020
Here is this month’s issue of AgFax Weed Solutions, sponsored by Nufarm’s Midwestern and Southern teams. Editor: Owen Taylor Web Editor: Ernst Undesser We’re back for 2020! Here is this […]

Cover Crops For Weed Management – Here’s A How-To “Tool Box” Oct 20, 2019

🕔Oct 20, 2019
For a broad look at working with cover crops for weed control, check out a new web-based resource from the Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Resource Center.

California Almonds: Start 2020’s Weed Management After 2019’s Harvest Oct 16, 2019

🕔Oct 16, 2019
While weeds are present in every orchard, there is variation in the species composition and the density of each population from orchard to orchard. Scouting for weeds is the basis […]

Louisiana: Don’t Ignore Weeds Between Now And December Sep 3, 2019

🕔Sep 3, 2019
It usually takes only a month for a newly emerged pigweed to produce viable seed this time of the year, so action needs to be taken monthly to stop seed […]

Soybeans: Palmer Pigweed – If You’re Not Scared Of It, You Don’t Understand It May 3, 2019

🕔May 3, 2019
Midwestern growers can no longer be complacent about Palmer pigweed, says this veteran Kansas crop consultant. Ignore it at your own risk, he contends.

AgFax Weed Solutions: Electrocuting Weeds? European Zapper Slated For U.S. Tests Apr 30, 2019

🕔Apr 30, 2019
Now marketed in 3,000 Case/New Holland dealerships on the other side of the Atlantic, this electrified implement will soon go up against a rogue’s gallery of herbicide-resistant weeds in the […]

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