Resistance: Western Corn Root Worms Beating the System – DTN Aug 11, 2016

    🕔Aug 11, 2016
    Pyramided Bt corn hybrids, which feature two traits targeting the western corn rootworm, have long been a stronghold against rootworm damage for Corn Belt farmers. That defense is weakening this […]

    Corn Belt: Palmer Pigweed Turning Up in CRP Acres – DTN Aug 10, 2016

    🕔Aug 10, 2016
    Pollinator plots may be designed to attract beneficial insects, but there’s a potential side effect to the good will. Weed scientists in Iowa and Illinois have discovered Palmer amaranth lurking […]

    Minnesota Soybeans: Assessing, Reporting Potential Pyrethroid Resistance in Soybean Aphids Aug 2, 2016

    🕔Aug 2, 2016
    History has shown us many times that over-reliance on pesticides often results in development of pesticide resistance in pests. Last summer in parts of southern Minnesota, some pyrethroid insecticides (bifenthrin […]

    Wheat: EPA Registers Quelex Herbicide for Resistant Broadleaf Control Aug 2, 2016

    🕔Aug 2, 2016
    Quelex herbicide from Dow AgroSciences is now registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), providing wheat growers a new solution for advanced broadleaf weed control, including resistant biotypes. With crop […]

    Iowa: Palmer Pigweed in 5 Counties and You Thought Waterhemp Was Bad Jul 22, 2016

    🕔Jul 22, 2016
    Palmer amaranth was first identified in Iowa in 2013. Currently, we know it is established in 5 Iowa counties (Fig. 1). This past weekend we were made aware of a new infestation […]

    Fungicides: Pulling the Trigger. Does it Pay? – DTN Jun 16, 2016

    🕔Jun 16, 2016
    Whenever commodity prices drop, or even when they remain up, growers question whether a fungicide application will pay for itself, either by protecting yield, bumping it, or a combination. Fungicides […]

    Scout Closely for Resistant Weeds and Insects – DTN Jun 9, 2016

    🕔Jun 9, 2016
    This week, Dayton, Iowa, farmer AJ Blair has been cruising his soybean fields on a 4-wheeler, hunting for escaped weed patches to target with his post-emergence herbicide pass. In central […]

    California Rice: TPS Control Issues – Pyrethroids Failing May 27, 2016

    🕔May 27, 2016
    I have been alerted of three instances where pyrethroid applications for TPS control have failed. One field had been treated with a pyrethroid two times, and TPS were still alive in great […]

    Texas Cotton: Don’t Get Creative with Herbicide Tankmixing May 11, 2016

    🕔May 11, 2016
    Large farms and erratic weather makes it difficult for producers to cover all their acres for nutrient and pest management. So, everyone is looking for ways to cut trips across […]

    Insecticide Resistance: Where Does Your Pest Spend the Winter? Mar 11, 2016

    🕔Mar 11, 2016
    Growers are well aware of the need to rotate pesticide chemistry to minimize the chances of pests developing resistance. However, there is more to resistance management and pest control than […]


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