Kentucky Soybeans: Residual Herbicide Decision Publication Now Available Apr 26, 2021

🕔Apr 26, 2021
The successful control of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth in soybean has consistently come back to the use of a residual herbicide at soybean planting. Furthermore, the University of Kentucky along […]

Arkansas Rice: Switching POST Residual Herbicides to PRE Apr 12, 2021

🕔Apr 12, 2021
A lot of our focus in rice residual herbicide programs is placed on grass control, especially as barnyardgrass is consistently listed as the most problematic weed across Arkansas rice acres. […]

Pennsylvania: Benefits of Early Burndown Herbicide Applications Mar 5, 2021

🕔Mar 5, 2021
Early burndown herbicide applications can provide more effective weed control as compared to those near planting.

Mississippi: Fall Residual Herbicide Programs – Podcast Oct 21, 2020

🕔Oct 21, 2020
Jason and Bobby sit down to discuss the importance of when to spend the extra money on fall residual herbicide and when to use that money in other places.

Ohio Soybeans: Fall-Applied Herbicides – What Goes Around Comes Around Sep 24, 2020

🕔Sep 24, 2020
Fall herbicide treatments have fallen off over the past several years for a couple of reasons, among them the effectiveness of new soybean trait systems for managing marestail, some generally […]

Indiana Corn: Split Applications Of Soil Residual Herbicides – Video Aug 7, 2020

🕔Aug 7, 2020
Corn growing under ideal weather conditions can quickly reach growth stage restrictions for postemergence herbicide applications. In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson discusses the benefits of splitting applications of preemergence […]

Minnesota Soybeans: Herbicide Options After Dicamba Registrations Vacated Jun 5, 2020

🕔Jun 5, 2020
On June 3, 2020, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that vacated U.S. registrations for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax herbicides. These are 3 of the 4 dicamba […]

Minnesota: How Will Cool, Dry Conditions Impact Weed Control? May 8, 2020

🕔May 8, 2020
Planting has progressed rapidly this spring across much of Minnesota and a considerable amount of corn and soybean acres were planted by May 4. Progress has been much faster compared […]

Illinois Soybeans: Residual Herbicides Applied Postemergence May 8, 2020

🕔May 8, 2020
Soil-residual herbicides are important components of integrated weed management programs.  Reducing the number of weeds exposed to foliar-applied herbicides helps reduce the selection intensity for weeds resistant to foliar-applied herbicides.  […]

Nebraska Soybeans: Controlling Palmer Amaranth, Velvetleaf with Overlapping Residuals May 5, 2020

🕔May 5, 2020
The cost of soybean seed has been increasing over the years, with herbicide-resistant soybean seed cost being higher than that of conventional soybean for having a technology fee. With the […]

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