Michigan: Soybeans vs. Floods May 22, 2020

🕔May 22, 2020
The recent heavy rains have created flooded conditions in many areas of Michigan and producers need to understand how the standing water will affect their soybean fields. There is a […]

Iowa: Regional Crop Update (April 21- May 5) May 6, 2020

🕔May 6, 2020
Last week provided another big window for planting and other field activities across Iowa. According to the May 4th USDA Crop Progress Report, approximately 78% of the corn has been […]

Farming: Weather is Leading Cause of U.S. Crop Loss – How Do You Assess the Risk? Jan 25, 2019

🕔Jan 25, 2019
Agricultural policy analysis can be improved with a systematic approach to assessing relative risks for agricultural production. For example, the climate variables used to predict agricultural production outcomes are often […]

Hay: Rainy Year Affects Production – Prices Keep Rising – DTN Jan 14, 2019

🕔Jan 14, 2019
Kim Summers was not a fan of the weather this past growing season. Summers, along with her husband, Mark Brunk, grows and sells forage near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. They saw the […]

Midwest Long Summer: Hail Stripped Corn Fields; Rain Drowned Crops – DTN Jul 10, 2018

🕔Jul 10, 2018
One year ago, on June 12, I had written about the severe drought in South and North Dakota that intensified as July rolled around. By that same time in June, […]

North Carolina: Washington County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Excessive Rains Oct 19, 2017

🕔Oct 19, 2017
USDA has designated Washington County in North Carolina as a primary natural disaster area due to losses and damages caused by excessive rains that occurred from Oct. 1, 2016, through July […]

Rose on Cotton: Demand is Outstanding; Dec Still Looking Friendly Jul 7, 2017

🕔Jul 7, 2017
The bull and the bears fought to a draw this week on ICE Dec futures while the bulls notched a decent win in Mar, with the inaugural 2018 futures contract […]

Grain: Upper Midwest Drought – Will it Affect Crop Prices? – DTN Jun 13, 2017

🕔Jun 13, 2017
From November 2016 to January 2017, North Dakota had received 47 inches of snow, and South Dakota railcars and locomotives were buried in snow. But in last week’s USDA Crop […]

Arkansas: Heavy Rains Hit Right After Planting and Herbicide Applications May 1, 2017

🕔May 1, 2017
Arkansas row crop farmers who awoke Sunday to lakes where their newly planted fields had been will be enduring a nail-biting week to see how fast the water recedes, and […]

Heavy Rains – And Crop Concerns – Move Across Minn., Wisc. – DTN Sep 23, 2016

🕔Sep 23, 2016
Jerry Demmer went to bed Wednesday evening hoping his home area of southern Minnesota would miss the heavy rains that had flooded areas south of him. But when the Clarks […]

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