Rice Blast Study Sheds Light on How Disease Spreads

🕔May 14, 2019Rice blast fungus (Magnaporthe oryzae) is a global food security threat due to its destruction of cultivated rice, the most widely consumed staple food in the world. Disease containment efforts […]

Cargill Feed Recall in 9 States Due to High Aflatoxin Levels

🕔May 14, 2019Cargill’s animal nutrition business is conducting a voluntary recall of select Southern States feed due to aflatoxin levels that exceed FDA’s action levels. The affected products, which were manufactured and […]

Ag Equipment Sales In North America A Mixed Bag Last Month

🕔May 13, 2019U.S. sales numbers of ag tractors and combines were up in almost every category, according to the latest Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) sales data. “Although the overall numbers continue […]

USDA Advances Ill-Advised Plan to Relocate Research Divisions

🕔May 6, 2019The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) announcement last week of its short list of finalists to host the Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) underscores […]

Peanut Genome Cracked, Paves Way for Improved Varieties

🕔May 2, 2019Working to understand the genetics of peanut disease resistance and yield, researchers led by scientists at the University of Georgia have uncovered the peanut’s unlikely and complicated evolution. Researchers working […]

Peanuts: Tracking Down the Ancestral Roots in South America

🕔May 2, 2019Improved pest resistance and drought tolerance are among potential benefits of an international effort in which Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and their collaborators have produced the clearest picture yet […]

Electric Pickups: Ford Invests Big In Rivian’s Approach

🕔Apr 24, 2019Ford has announced that it is investing a half-billion dollars in Rivian, which is rolling out an innovative electric-powered pickup truck. Rivian, which also will market an electric SUV, turned […]

U. of Kentucky, Jim Beam Partner to Create James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits

🕔Apr 24, 2019Jim Beam Bourbon will donate $5 million to the University of Kentucky to establish the James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits. The institute will support a curriculum to educate […]

GMO Plants Consistent With Organic Farming Principles, Danish Researchers Contend

🕔Apr 24, 2019The EU’s policy on GMO is extremely strict and prevents new GMO crops from being authorized. The policy is based on arguments about the risk and unnaturalness of GMO plants […]

Rice: Parboiling Method Reduces Inorganic Arsenic

🕔Apr 17, 2019Contamination of rice with arsenic is a major problem in some regions of the world with high rice consumption. Now, researchers reporting in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology have found […]

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