Nebraska Hemp: Checking Tolerance to Common PRE-Herbicides Oct 13, 2020

🕔Oct 13, 2020
Industrial hemp is getting more attention lately as at least 46 U.S. states work on legalizing its production. However, herbicides registered for in-season weed control in industrial hemp are scarce, […]

Nebraska: The Cause of Problems in Soybean Emergence Jun 8, 2020

🕔Jun 8, 2020
The past two weeks, we’ve received a number of calls regarding injured soybean plants during emergence. Additional questions include “What caused this?” and “Do I need to replant?” The following […]

Minnesota: Preemergence herbicide injury on soybeans… Or maybe not? May 15, 2020

🕔May 15, 2020
Many soybeans in southern Minnesota were ready to emerge when the recent cold weather brought concerns of both frost and herbicide injury. Most soybeans were still below ground and protected […]

North Carolina: Consider Planting Conditions When Choosing Preemergence Herbicides May 11, 2020

🕔May 11, 2020
According to the most recent Cotton Planting Conditions Forecast, planting conditions should improve by next Wednesday, May 13, 2020. For those itching to start earlier in the week, I hope […]

Nebraska Soybeans: Timing Critical for PRE PPO Residual Applications Apr 30, 2020

🕔Apr 30, 2020
Soybean planting is about to start in Nebraska and it’s time to select pre-emergence herbicides to be applied in soybean. PPO-inhibiting herbicides are one of the key components of weed […]

Iowa Soybeans: Looking For Preemergence Consistency Apr 20, 2020

🕔Apr 20, 2020
The battle against waterhemp is complicated mainly because of its extended emergence period (early May until August). Preemergence (PRE) soil residual herbicides serve as a foundation for managing waterhemp, but […]

Arkansas Soybeans: Bring Enough Residual To Your “Pre” Tank Apr 15, 2020

🕔Apr 15, 2020
There were lots of conversations last week about soybean herbicide programs and specifically which herbicides to use at planting before the weeds and crop emerge.   Since the 2015 discovery of […]

Iowa: Preemergence Herbicide Application Timings – Pros and Cons Apr 9, 2020

🕔Apr 9, 2020
Preemergence herbicides are the foundation of herbicide-based weed management systems, and effective use of these products is essential to protect crop yields and reduce selection pressure for herbicide resistant weeds.

Ohio Soybeans: Sorting Out Herbicide Resistance Traits Sep 18, 2019

🕔Sep 18, 2019
The world of soybean herbicide resistance traits has gotten more complex over the past several years.  The good news is that we have new options for control of herbicide-resistant weeds, […]

Herbicides: How Do Hot, Dry Conditions Affect Performance? Jun 19, 2019

🕔Jun 19, 2019
The general understanding is that herbicides do not perform at their best if the environment is not favorable for plant growth. Considering this, due to the hot and dry conditions, […]

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