Cybersecurity: Team Reported Precision Ag Threat in 2018 – DTN Oct 5, 2021

🕔Oct 5, 2021
In 2018, 11 team members from the U.S. government and private sector outlined threats as they perceived them, in a public-private analytic exchange program: “Threats to Precision Agriculture.” Key threats […]

Precision Ag Companies Strive for Cybersecurity, Hacking Threat Remains – DTN Oct 1, 2021

🕔Oct 1, 2021
Can U.S. farmers and ranchers take advantage of the benefits precision agriculture promises and still be assured their data is protected? One well-known precision ag business, linking producers and their […]

Precision Ag: Mechanical Planter Settings Can Impact Harvest Yield Mar 23, 2021

🕔Mar 23, 2021
Due to high consumer expectations, farmers and agricultural producers are constantly under pressure to deliver their products at higher yields for cheaper prices. This may seem like an impossible combination […]

Crop Farming: The Importance of Growers Adopting New Tech Mar 9, 2021

🕔Mar 9, 2021
Adoption of technology has been important to production agriculture for decades.  Through the adoption of technology and improved managerial practices, aggregate agricultural U.S. farm output in the United States tripled […]

Georgia: Important Settings on Spinner-Disc Spreaders Feb 16, 2021

🕔Feb 16, 2021
Spinner-disc spreaders are common application equipment for broadcasting lime and dry fertilizer. Both pull-behind and large self-propelled spreaders are widely used by growers and co-ops in Georgia. One of the […]

Developing Technologies to Help Farmers – DTN Dec 8, 2020

🕔Dec 8, 2020
Microsoft Azure Global Chief Scientist Ranveer Chandra admits he didn’t like his early experiences with agriculture. “I grew up in a city in India, but for the first 18 years, […]

Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center Online Field Day, Aug. 12 Aug 7, 2020

🕔Aug 7, 2020
University of Georgia faculty will share the latest research on cotton, soybeans, corn and other southeast Georgia crops during the annual Southeast Georgia Research and Education Center Field Day held online Aug. […]

Precision Ag: Big Data to Calculate Carbon – DTN Aug 5, 2020

🕔Aug 5, 2020
Major ag companies have made a big splash over the past month, rolling out new digital tools and tech alliances they say will help farmers improve their farm’s efficiency and […]

Valley Irrigation Steps Into Flood Irrigation With Purchase Of Mississippi Company Aug 4, 2020

🕔Aug 4, 2020
Valley Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation, has acquired PrecisionKing, a  Mississippi-based ag tech company with products focused on moisture monitoring, pump control and remote sensing, especially of flood irrigation. “We are excited […]

Precision Ag Tech Boosts Land Values for Users Jul 29, 2020

🕔Jul 29, 2020
Precision Ag (PA) technology began in the early 1990s with widespread use of yield monitors in combines that would generate maps of fields based on the grain flow into the hopper […]

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