Minnesota: What Can You Learn from Collecting Runoff Water? – Podcast

🕔Jul 19, 2019Part Two of this special episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast examines what you can learn when you install equipment that collects all the runoff water from a field. What […]

Mississippi Corn: Late Season Scouting Priorities – Podcast

🕔Jul 19, 2019In the wake of Hurricane Barry, Dr. Erick Larson, MSU Extension – State Corn Specialist and Mr. Nolan Stapleton, MSU Extension Associate – Corn Verification Program give a late season […]

Minnesota: Building a Soil, Water Conservation Project – Podcast

🕔Jul 19, 2019In Part One of this special episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, Extension educator Greg Klinger facilitates a discussion about the Root River Field-to-Stream Partnership in southeast Minnesota. He’s joined […]

Mississippi Cotton: Spider Mite Management, Rainfastness of Insecticides – Podcast

🕔Jul 17, 2019In this episode, spider mite management and rainfastness of insecticides are discussed. http://extension.msstate.edu/sites/default/files/audio/7-15-19%20Spider%20Mites%20and%20Rain.mp3

Mississippi Rice: Disease Identification, Fungicide Use – Podcast

🕔Jul 17, 2019Bobby Golden and Tom Allen discuss disease identification and fungicide use in MS rice. http://extension.msstate.edu/sites/default/files/audio/7-15-2019%20Tom%20RIce%20Fungicide.mp3

Minnesota: Soybean Conditions and Outlook – Podcast

🕔Jul 12, 2019In this installment of the Gopher Coffee Shop podcast, Extension Educators Ryan Miller and Brad Carlson sit down with Seth Naeve, Soybean agronomist, to reflect on 2019 soybean planting. We […]

Minnesota: Nutrient Management Research – What We’re Studying – Podcast

🕔Jul 10, 2019In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, University of Minnesota researchers meet in Crookston at the Northwest Research and Outreach Center to discuss their ongoing research across the state. […]

Sawyer on Pecans: Scab Management Key in July

🕔Jul 10, 2019Word on the market is that Desirables have been moved for a good prices. The crop is showing promise and it’s important to protect it. In this episode of the […]

Glyphosate Safety – Questions, Concerns About Cancer Risk – Podcast

🕔Jul 5, 2019In light of recent publicity concerning the herbicide glyphosate, University of Tennessee Extension has released a Glyphosate Fact Sheet to address questions and concerns pertaining to the herbicide. Drs. Jim […]

Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Mid-Season Diseases to Watch for – Podcast

🕔Jul 3, 2019Corn nematodes, bacterial leaf streak, and frogeye leafspot, oh my! Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson-Ziems returns to the Nebraska CropWatch Podcast with information on mid-season corn and soybean diseases. Listen […]

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