Planter Maintenance Checklist – 14 Steps to Take Before Spring

🕔Jan 10, 2019Whereas you may be able to get away with a poorly maintained planter in conventionally tilled soil, not so in tough no-till conditions. A no-till planter must be able to […]

Planting: Within-Row Plant Spacing – Ensuring Planter Accuracy of Seed Drop

🕔Apr 3, 2017In recent newsletters for Texas Grain Sorghum Association I first discussed row spacing for grain sorghum then especially in-row spacing of seed drop and the accuracy (or lack thereof) of […]

Planting: 15-Point Equipment Checklist to Get Things Rolling

🕔Apr 15, 2016Spring is a time of growth and renewal in nature. For farmers, it is also a time to take to the shop, or the barnyard, for some equipment maintenance before […]

Planting: 11 Maintenance Steps for Your Planter

🕔Mar 24, 2015Even though snow may be falling, now is the time to check the planter. Here is a list of suggestions for planter setup and maintenance. Check meters on a test stand […]

Early Spring Best Time to Test and Tune Farm Machinery

🕔Feb 26, 2015Early spring is the optimal time to prepare farm equipment and make repairs for a smooth planting season, a Purdue University agricultural machinery specialist says. Robert Stwalley, assistant clinical professor […]

Planter Maintenance: 17 Points Not to Overlook – DTN

🕔Feb 23, 2015“A winning effort begins with preparation.” — Joe Gibbs, three-time Super Bowl-winning football coach and championship NASCAR team owner Let’s start with two horror stories that illustrate how being ill-prepared […]

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