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      North Carolina Cotton: Should You Stop Treating for Insects? Aug 26, 2020

      🕔Aug 26, 2020
      Should I treat this cotton for bollworm eggs, plant bugs or stink bugs? This is a question I have been getting a lot this year with all our delayed and […]

      Tennessee Cotton: When To Safely Walk Away From Insects This Season Aug 24, 2020

      🕔Aug 24, 2020
      Listen to audio version. Usually, during that first week of September, it’s time to cut fields loose, just based on typical frost dates, regardless of the maturity of that crop. […]

      Alabama Cotton: Insect Control Considerations for the Remainder of 2020 Aug 5, 2020

      🕔Aug 5, 2020
      In most seasons, we would be entering the home stretch for cotton insect control by early August. While this may be true for fields planted on time in 2020, it is not […]

      Texas High Plains Cotton: Plant Bugs Widespread and Building Jul 24, 2020

      🕔Jul 24, 2020
      General Status This week we have had several isolated but beneficial rain clouds move through our area. These provided great relief without much damaging weather, but coverage was not very […]

      Virginia Cotton: Planning for Insect Buildup Jul 23, 2020

      🕔Jul 23, 2020
      I’ve been hoping this buildup would wait coincide with the third week of cotton bloom which will occur during first half of August, but corn is looking mature and it […]

      Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Plant Bug, Stink Bug Numbers Low but Rising Jul 23, 2020

      🕔Jul 23, 2020
      Although plant bug populations remain lighter that usual, we are now seeing treatment levels in many fields. It’s time to switch to the drop cloth for best results. Stink bug […]

      Texas High Plains Cotton: Lygus Still a Threat, Be Careful with PGRs – Podcast Jul 23, 2020

      🕔Jul 23, 2020
      Here’s this week’s Audio Podcast from your High Plains IPM AgriLife Agents recorded on 07/22/2020. Cotton: Lygus still a threat, and some fleahoppers, be careful about PGR applications. Corn: spider […]

      Alabama Cotton: Be on Lookout for Bollworms, Stink Bugs, Plant Bugs Jul 21, 2020

      🕔Jul 21, 2020
      Bollworm Flight is On in South and Central AL We have been monitoring bollworm (corn earworm) moth traps in various locations across the state this summer. Last week (July 10-17) moth counts […]

      Tennessee Cotton: Insecticide Concoctions for Plant Bugs in Blooming Crops Jul 16, 2020

      🕔Jul 16, 2020
      Although pressure is currently below average, it is increasing, which is to be expected as we enter the early blooming window. We have limited but good options to control plant […]

      Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Mostly Passed Insect Concern Jul 14, 2020

      🕔Jul 14, 2020
      Most of our cotton is wrapping up around here, there’s open bolls scattered around, and the corn and milo is getting harvested. Cutout occurs when cotton is 5 Nodes Above […]

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