North Carolina Cotton: Transform Receives Section 18 for Plant Bugs

🕔Apr 24, 2019Effective May 1, 2019 and expiring October 30, 2019, Transform has been approved for use in cotton as an emergency exemption to manage tarnished plant bugs in North Carolina. This […]

Alabama Cotton: Insect Management Tips for 2019

🕔Apr 15, 2019I want to point out where we are with the management and control of some of our major insect pests and highlight some things we need to be aware of […]

Tennessee Cotton: Transform WG – Section 18 Approved

🕔Apr 2, 2019Once again, the TDA and EPA have approved the use of Transform WG in cotton for the control of plant bugs. Hopefully, this will be the last year a section […]

Alabama Cotton: Stink Bugs, Plant Bugs Overwhelm Beneficials

🕔Jul 31, 2018When cotton reaches the fourth or fifth week of bloom, the few bad insects such as escape bollworms, plant bugs, or especially stink bugs, in the southern cotton growing areas […]

Cotton – Midsouth – Crop Ahead Of Schedule – So Are Bollworms? – AgFax Midsouth Cotton

🕔Jul 12, 2018Cotton bloomed way ahead of the Fourth of July, thanks to plenty of heat, which also has pushed bollworm moths and egg laying.

Tennessee Cotton: Crunch Time for Plant Bugs and Stink Bugs

🕔Jul 11, 2018Now through the end of July is the critical time to manage infestations of plant bugs and stink bugs. Of course it varies considerably, but we are seeing more consistent […]

Virginia Cotton: Plant Bug Control in Blooming Fields

🕔Jul 9, 2018Tarnished plant bugs continue to be a problem in some Virginia cotton fields. This week, scouts found 14 of 32 fields over the pre-bloom threshold (8 per 100 sweeps) and […]

South Carolina Cotton: Insect Pressure on the Rise – Scout Your Fields

🕔Jul 6, 2018Well, we have insects in cotton now, don’t we? Aphids, spider mites, plant bugs, early stink bugs, etc., are out there, especially in the earliest planted fields. Spider mites could […]

Tennessee Cotton: Managing Plant Bugs in Blooming Fields

🕔Jul 4, 2018Reports of increasing plant bug pressure in cotton is not unexpected as we move into July. I’ve fielded a lot of questions about what to treat with, and it is […]

North Carolina Cotton: Transform Granted Emergency Permit For Tarnished Plant Bugs

🕔Jul 3, 2018EPA has granted a Section 18 Emergency Exemption for Transform WG insecticide to North Carolina for control of tarnished plant bugs (TPB) in cotton. While TPB has historically been most […]

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